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First, I want to thank everyone for supporting this show so that we can continue to have recaps and remind you that if you want to see them continue, post on the forums and sign up for the mailing list. Okay, plug over.

The credit sequence begins with some very '70s Battle of the Network Stars-type graphics that say, "Real World, Road Rules, Battle of the Seasons, $300,000." We see a group of people dressed in jumpsuits getting into a plane, and some text comes onscreen letting us know that they are headed for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I'm showing my age (and teenaged taste in music) when I admit that the first thing that popped into my mind was Van Halen singing about "Cabo Wabo." Then we get to see who is participating. Apparently, they will be jumping out of this plane in order to reach their destination. They don't introduce them in any particular order, so I'm going to list them by season, to make things easier.

Road Rules
Season One: No one
Season Two: Timmy and Emily
Season Three (Europe): Chris and Belou
Season Four (Islands): No one
Season Five (Northern Trail): Dan and Tara
Season Six (Australia): Chadwick and Piggy
Season Seven (Latin America): Josh and Holly
Season Eight (Semester at Sea): Yes and Veronica
Season Nine (Maximum Velocity): Theo and Holly
Season Ten (The Quest): Adam and Jisela

The Real World
Season One (New York): Norm and Becky
Season Two (Los Angeles): Jon and Beth S.
Season Three (San Francisco): No one
Season Four (London): Mike and Sharon
Season Five (Miami): Mike and Flora
Season Six (Boston): Sean and Elka
Season Seven (Seattle): Stephen and Lindsay
Season Eight (Hawaii): No one
Season Nine (New Orleans): Danny and Kelley
Season Ten (Back to New York): Coral and Mike

So those are the teams. Since there are three guys named Mike, I'm going to call them NY Mike, Miami Mike, and London Mike. Particularly since I refuse to call NY Mike "The Miz." That's just wrong. Also, Latin America Holly will be called just Holly, and Maximum Velocity Holly will be (thanks to Stee) Scaryteeth Holly. As they sit in the airplane and wait to jump, NY Mike says that he wants to just "rip" the other team's asses. Emily reminds us that she was on the last Challenge and got beat, so this time, she's going to try to "clean house." Danny is scared of heights, but manages to jump out with a minimum of drama. There are the obligatory shots of the contestants in midair, each with an instructor strapped to his or her back, giving the camera the thumbs-up. They land on the beach. ADDam and Jisela hug. Kelley runs over to Danny and yells how proud she is of him. Danny says that he's proud of her, too. Aw. Belou and Chris do a big hug and all the viewers go, "Be-who?" Lindsay and Stephen also hug. Man, that yellow jumpsuit does not do Lindsay's ass any favors, and she is a tiny girl. Jon lands on the beach, and then treats the viewers to a yodel of "Bee-eeeth?" just like in the Los Angeles season's opening credits. Beth lands and immediately starts complaining and trying to fix her hair. Emily knocks Timmy down with a hug and they roll in the surf like From Here to Eternity. Although if we're talking about this group, for the most part, that would have to be retitled From Here to Oblivion. And...credits. The only rule-type explanation that we get is that "after each competition, the highest-ranking teams must eliminate one of their own, until only three teams from each show remain standing." Then the final six will compete for a grand prize of $300,000, but we aren't told exactly how that will happen.

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