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Workin' On The Railroad

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Workin' On The Railroad

Deliberations. The Good Guys, sensing that the Bad Asses want Aneesa gone, naturally want her around longer, so they send Jenn in again. The Bad Asses state the obvious -- it's between Susie and Paula, and if Susie wins the Life Shield, it's Paula anyway, win-win. Abe rubs his face, frustrated by the fact that it's taking the girls a decade to settle on one or the other.

Paula interviews something or other about Jenn putting Aneesa in if she gets the Life Shield, but I tune out to covet the sassy scarf she's wearing; she's so cute and normal these days. Still spazzy, but in a happy way. I think she's my favorite girl on the show right now.

TJ comes in. The Bad Asses formally select Susie. Susie makes bitter jokes-but-not-really about she's used to it, then crabs in an interview that she's "just sick of it," she's tired of going into the Inferno, wah wah. Susie: go to law school, then. Teach school. Dig ditches, something. But if you don't want to go into the Inferno, don't go on a show with "Inferno" in the name.

The Good Guys send Jenn. Jenn is also kind of complainy about going in, but is less annoying about it than Susie.

Aneesa is defensive about her knee some more. Jenn drops a string of f-bombs about having to pack her shit, do the Challenge, go into the Inferno, and so on.

Cara is freaking out at the idea that Susie might go home: "It's just not an option, I can't think like that." Cut the cord, honey; it'll do wonders for your stress levels. Kenny can't figure out why they keep sending Susie in, calling it "whore math," which isn't nearly as funny as he thinks it is.

Later, everyone's laying out in the sun. Susie interviews that it's high time Jenn got picked off. By the pool, Susie and Cara whisper about keeping their strategy a secret from Paula. Um…what "strategy"? The master plan where you send her in ahead of either of you? I hate to tell you this, Dumbhattan Project, but she knows she's not BFF with you guys; she's sort of onto you. Way to scheme.

Then Susie tells Jenn really insincerely that it's too bad the two of them keep going in, and chirps fakely, "I really like you." Jenn: "…Okay." Heh. Susie perks, "It's stupid. Stupid game." Cut over to Jenn, awesomely kitted out in giant sunglasses and even more awesomely doing a bitchy imitation of Susie, complete with Midwestern accent, followed by "shut the fuck up." Aneesa's like, no kidding. Jenn weaves into a string of curses the thought that, if she does win the Life Shield, she's making the team pick who goes in instead because she's over it.

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