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Workin' On The Railroad

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Workin' On The Railroad

Previously: Aneesa's knee belonged in the Mütter Museum, and Timmy ascended to the Norse pantheon, lifted thereto by helmeted angels and 50-mph gusts of hyperbole. On his way, he retired from participating in Challenges. Minutes later, Joe R and Sars succeeded in selling the Brooklyn Bridge to a retired couple from Garland, Wyoming.

At the house, Kenny and Janelle talk about how Timmy's departure is a great boon for the Bad Asses, because Timmy was older than dirt and somehow managed to hit himself in the face with the sled on the last Chal-- wait, my bad. They're actually saying that he was their strongest player, and nobody made a move without his say-so. The conversation then shifts to how it would actually benefit the Bad Asses to lose "someone" "at this point" -- but only if that someone is Aneesa. Janelle interviews that she thinks the team is stronger without Aneesa going into the final challenge. Kenny and Janelle agree that that's only true because Aneesa's knee is still an issue.

The next day (I think). Johnny Bananas and Paula strategize poolside about who the Bad Asses think is the GGs' strongest player now. Paula interviews that you don't want to hear your name to go into the Inferno, and that it sucks to play on a team where there's three girls left and the other two function as one organism. Paula is nicer about it, though, which is the tragedy of Paula. …Okay, the other tragedy of Paula. Heh. Bananas then goes on to equate the loss of The Timfather with Pearl Harbor. A bunch of alleged grown-ups sproinging around on trampolines and whapping each other with foam dildos…one of the worst massacres on U.S. soil…who among us hasn't drawn the same parallel? Besides those of us who work for a living, I mean. I know we keep harping on the lack of perspective, and obviously it isn't as fun to watch if they don't take it seriously, but there's "seriously," and then there's talking about storming the beach at Normandy when 1) it's a tug-of-war or some other doofy Field Day shit, and 2) everyone in earshot of the speaker thinks "Normandy" is a club on Doheny.

To reinforce Bananas's point, the editors provide some footage of Timmy's tragic expulsion. It is, I probably need not even mention, sepia-toned.

Cara and Susie play pool. Cara interviews that she can't really fly under the radar anymore re: getting picked for Infernos, Susie keeps getting picked and winning Life Shields and blah but her (Cara's) number is probably up soon. Which, not, because if Susie wins an LS, she'd clearly send Paula in. The two of them pre-strategize about who to send in, and who the Bad Asses would pick; Susie is confident in her abilities, but it's "essentially a crapshoot" because "anybody could go home."

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