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Walk This Way

The episode opens with an endless previously-on sequence, because we need reminding that Tonya is not a fan of either Susie or anger management, because we are Amish fetuses. From space.

Then Cara, Colie, and Susie talk about how they want to send Paula into the Inferno, because she's not one of the Three Bitchfaces of the Apocalypse. All of this is interspersed with Paula and one of the Bitchfaces wrestling, and Paula totally winning, and then with footage of Alton and Johnny Bananas very seriously discussing the fact that all the girls on their team suck except Paula, and that Colie sucks the loudest. Insert your own joke here about how they must have read that in the men's room.

Elsewhere, Tonya wants to go into the Inferno instead of Jenn so she can beat some Susie ass. Yeah, we heard.

Challenge time. It's a balancing dealie; the guys have to hold poles (hee), while the girls attempt to cross from one platform to the other by stepping from one upright pole to the other. They fall off, they DQ, and it's a 15-minute penalty.

Aneesa and Paula are up first and finish no problem. Colie and Tonya go next; Tonya breezes through it, while Colie bitches at the boys to hold the poles steadier (hee), then promptly falls off, DQs, and blubbers that she hurt her leg while Bananas looks fed up. Cara and Ev next; big talk from both, but Cara finishes easily while Ev DQs. Susie vs. Janelle ends in a 4:51 time for Susie and a DQ for Janelle, who is the mayor of Useless City. Then it's Jenn, who misses the Life Shield with a 5:39 time.

So, to wrap up: Susie gets a Life Shield; Tonya gets a Life Shield; the Good Guys win the 10K and it's all tied up at forty grand apiece.

In the van, Susie pretends to solicit opinions about who should go into the Inferno instead of her, and clearly isn't psyched to hear that her "send Paula" plan is going to get nixed by Alton and Bananas. Colie gets defensive and starts blubbering at Alton to shut up.

Inferno. Tonya really only wants to go in against Susie, but since that isn't an option here, she elects to save herself and not Jenn; Jenn is going in. Jenn seemed understanding about this possibility earlier in the episode, but isn't pleased when that's how the cookie ends up crumbling. Because when you want to see selflessness and honor, you look to... a Challenge season. And... Tonya. Jenn, honey: no.

Susie picks next, and decides to send Colie, probably because she doesn't want the boys to get pissy with her.

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