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Upper-Body Strength

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Upper-Body Strength

Previously on the Challenge: Theo and Hollywick made baskets while bungee jumping, and won motorbikes. Theo tried to take a "victory lap" and nearly wiped out, and everyone laughed and laughed. Dan used his big, juicy chess club brain to explain why he and Tara would definitely be in the Inner Circle. You know that's going to come back to haunt him. Theo realized that he could sit there and "eat lemonade" during the competition and still make the finals. I really don't want to know what Theo has been given in the past under the guise of "lemonade" that makes him think one should "eat" it instead of drink it. Mike acted like The Miz, and I sighed and rolled my eyes. Now that he's the only Mike left, I'm just calling him Mike instead of NY Mike. Josh laughed and revealed that both of his nipples are pierced. Tara thinks The Miz is crazy. Crazy sexy!

Over some shots of lovely, scenic Cabo San Lucas, we hear someone vomiting. Nice. An EMT named Robin questions Timmy about his symptoms. Timmy tells her that he has "seventy-six trombones" in his stomach. In an interview, Timmy explains that an illness is "wreaking havoc in [his] intestines." Becky slouches down on a couch and coughs weakly. In an interview, Becky explains that she has "the classic Montezuma's revenge." Becky tells the others that everything inside is going to come out in one "monstrous blow." Theo looks on, disgusted, and advises her to "get to the toilet." Theo is wearing a straw hat that makes him look like more of a hick than usual. In an interview, Becky says that she couldn't sleep due to stomach cramps, and then "hurled everything [she has] ever eaten in [her] entire life." Becky tells Timmy that she went to the hospital, and shows off the variety of medicines they gave her. In an interview, Danny says that it's "like a little hospital" around there. Timmy confesses to eating Immodium "like they're Necco wafers." I do admire Timmy's ability to be witty while he's sick. When I'm sick, I just groan. Timmy and Becky discuss their gastrointestinal distress. In an interview, Norm says that he hopes Becky feels better in time for the mission the next day.

Tara asks Mike where The Miz comes from. Mike explains his split personality. Tara nods like it makes sense. In an interview, Josh says that there is "a definite attraction" between Tara and Mike, but Josh doesn't know if it's a friendship or a romance. That sounds to me like they already hooked up but don't want it to be fodder for the cameras. Mike and Tara flirt some more. Mike creeps me out with his flirting. He's all about invading personal space and leaning. Tara confesses that she had a boyfriend for three and a half years, and they just broke up a week ago. Mike is surprised. Tara looks troubled.

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