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True To Himself

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True To Himself

Jamie explains that because the RR team members are not there to act as witnesses, the judge decided to deliver a verdict after opening arguments. Dan tells his teammates that they tanked. In an interview, Kameelah explains that the majority of their case was based on interviewing James. But they knew James wasn't going to be there last night. They couldn't revise their case? What a lame excuse.

Judge Mills Lane returns. He explains that Laterrian's argument was better, but that this was supposed to be a team effort, so he's awarding the money to the RW team because they all pitched in and showed up. The RW team now has $100,000 to the RR's $40,000. Judge Mills Lane announces that Laterrian was the best advocate, so he gives Laterrian his gavel. Aw.

Dan walks into the green room and announces to the RR team that Laterrian flattened them, and that the RW team only won because they were all there. Now, if you were the RR team, wouldn't you feel kind of bad knowing that if you had just showed up, your team would have won? I would. Not them. When Laterrian walks in, instead of thanking him or congratulating him, Michelle bitches him out for trying the case when they had decided not to. Laterrian apologizes. Kameelah butts in to tell him not to apologize. In an interview, Syrus says that Laterrian was up against the wall and made some decisions. In an interview, Laterrian says that his team can hate him, but that he feels he did the right thing. Slow-motion shot of Laterrian getting the gavel, like that was the highlight of his life or something.

Next week: NO RR team has ever lost the Challenge. They have to race cars through a desert or something. Then they're all pushing their cars. I don't know. I'm just psyched that it's the last episode of this crap show.

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