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True To Himself

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True To Himself

Rebecca elects to go first for the RW team. Rebecca reads a statement, which basically says, "Yeah, we both cheated, but they cheated more, plus they planned their cheating ahead of time instead of just making it up on the spur of the moment like we did." And Judge Mills Lane already said that the question is not who cheated more, so that's right out the window. Judge Mills Lane asks Rebecca why her team should win if they both cheated. Rebecca stammers that while both teams fired shots after the mission, her team's shots were instantaneous and only took a second. It's not a bad argument -- I just don't know why Rebecca is making it instead of Dan or Kameelah. Or even Jamie. Judge Mills Lane asks why they cheated, and Rebecca says that it was an accident. In an interview, Rebecca says that Judge Mills Lane was all over her. Rebecca explains that Jamie wasn't aware that the opponent reached the target. Judge Mills Lane says that Rebecca is contradicting herself -- first she said that they cheated, and then she said that they didn't cheat because they didn't know the opponent reached the target. Rebecca tries to explain herself. In an interview, Dan says, "Watching Rebecca try to debate is like watching someone sing bad karaoke, because you just want it to be over and put her out of her misery." Whatever, Dan. I didn't see you up there at the podium.

Laterrian is up next. In an interview, Laterrian says that Judge Mills Lane made him nervous. Laterrian starts out by apologizing for his team's not being there. Judge Mills Lane makes some jokes. In an interview, Syrus says that Laterrian is winning over the judge. In an interview, Laterrian says that he's winning back some self-respect. Laterrian tells the judge that he's representing his team, and that they decided not to do the mission. Laterrian explains that he wanted to do the mission himself. Judge Mills Lane says that Laterrian is a man. Kameelah says that she's proud of Laterrian for standing up for himself. Laterrian presents an argument. He says that they can't determine how many shots were fired after the target was reached. The rules stated that the winner was supposed to be the team that got to the target faster, and that since they both cheated, the judge should just look at raw time. That's not a bad argument. It's better than, "They cheated more, and they thought about it beforehand." Judge Mills Lane says that the argument is silly, but then says that it's "subtle" and "sophisticated." Julie scribbles down some notes for some reason. Judge Mills Lane says that he'll take a recess and deliver a verdict.

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