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True To Himself

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True To Himself

Laterrian is still watching the tapes. Christian comes over and asks what he's doing. Laterrian says that he's still preparing for the mission because he doesn't want to give away $10,000. Christian explains that it's a team decision, and that there's nothing he or Laterrian can do about it as individuals. Laterrian keeps saying that it's worth $40,000, which I don't understand, but whatever. Christian says they should be proud of their reasoning for the boycott, and that what Laterrian is doing amounts to ditching the rest of the team. Laterrian argues that he needs to "gain some self-respect back," and that letting the other team win doesn't work. You know what might work? Not going on any more Bunim-Murray shows. In an interview, Laterrian says that he's still debating whether or not to do this, and that he might be losing friends on his own team, and that this is the biggest challenge for him on the trip.

Hey -- next week is the season finale! And then there's a wrap-up special, which I don't really care about. But next week is the season finale! Hooray!

All of the cast members sit in the green room, waiting for Judge Mills Lane to show up. The RW team members are still scribbling notes. Laterrian is as well. Emily and James play cards. Kameelah tells Julie that it's disrespectful for the others to "talk shit" while they are trying to prepare. It kind of is, but I have to assume that they had no choice. I mean, I'm sure they would rather be anywhere else in the city than the green room for Judge Mills Lane. Michael comes over and says that he hopes the RR team will still present a case, and notes that Laterrian seems prepared. Susie explains that they have a group statement. Laterrian says that he'll be the only one going into the courtroom. Christian apologizes for creating problems. Aw, Christian. I lied earlier when I said I didn't like anyone on the season. I still like Christian. And his white pants. James says that they didn't do anything that needs an apology. Shut up, James.

The RW team is on the plaintiff side of the courtroom, and Laterrian is on the defense side. Judge Mills Lane comes in. Julie says she's scared. Of a television judge? Why? Judge Mills Lane (and I've found that if you try to abbreviate that name in any way, it just sounds weird, so I'm going with all three parts) explains the dispute. Judge Mills Lane explains that both sides cheated, and that the question is not which team cheated the most but which team can present the best argument. Judge Mills Lane gives us some catchphrases like, "I'm not final because I'm right -- I'm right because I'm final." Whatever. I'll bet Jamie got a lot of meaning out of that Zen koan.

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