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True To Himself

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True To Himself

Dan and Syrus rehearse their presentation. Dan reads something aloud about how James purposely intended to inflict pain by continuing to shoot when the targets were down. James calls Jamie and says that they're both hard at work, but they "found out some stuff and want to share it with" the RW team. In an interview, Syrus says that they got a phone call saying that the RR team did not want to go on with the event. Both teams sit in a big room. James gives a little introduction, but we don't get to hear most of what he says because of the dramatic music and cuts to various team members. Then James says that the paintball mission was his worst day on the trip; he never got hurt by a paintball, and yet he cried, but he's not a crier. In case you thought he was a crier. He's not. James says that he doesn't like those memories, and that Emily supports him, and in fact, his whole team supports him. The Road Rules team will not be doing this mission, and they're asking for help.

Julie (who has blonde hair again or still or whatever) says that by boycotting the mission, they're not really taking a stand. Syrus speaks for us all when he notes that Emily doesn't want to relive the mission, and James says that it was the worst day of his life. Syrus (and I) think that if that was the worst day of their lives, they need to "get off that silver spoon, man." Amen, Syrus. Rebecca tells the group that they should have fun with the mission and stop taking themselves so seriously. In an interview, Rebecca says that she doesn't want to make this a crucifixion of James. She wants it to be "light and fun." She talks as though those two things are mutually exclusive. Emily says that she cried when she saw the tape, and she has a "hard time displaying a sense of humor" when she's bawling her eyes out. Oh, for Christ's sake. In an interview, Jamie says that everyone should lighten up. Okay, Mr. Bungee- From-The- Golden-Gate- Bridge-And- Nearly-Die- To-Spread- The-Love. Maybe you need to lighten up. Susie tells the RW team that the ball is in their court. Dan says that he wants to do the mission because he disagrees with the RR team. In an interview, Dan says that they spent a whole day on the mission and don't want to waste the time.

Back at their hostel or hotel, Kameelah is telling Syrus and Dan that Emily doesn't want to "relive" the mission, and Dan bursts out laughing. Was Dan not at the meeting where Emily just said that? He was probably concentrating on making sure the camera saw his good side. Dan thinks that Emily will need therapy. He thinks she'll have to write in her dream journal, or write poems about it. Normally, I would think that was really funny, but Dan is not exactly in a position to make fun of someone else for being overly dramatic. Meanwhile, Laterrian sits alone and keeps watching the tapes and taking notes. Kameelah says that in the last four or five missions, "all Emily does is talk about what she's not going to do." Nitpickers should note that Kameelah's back was to the camera for this sentence, and when she turned slightly, her lips did not match up to the words at all. Careless editors.

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