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True To Himself

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True To Himself

The RW team watches the tape. Dan points out that he pulled up his gun immediately. They rewind and play the tape. It's so weird -- I'm doing exactly the same thing that they are doing on the show. It's like recapping someone doing a recap. Weird. Anyway, they watch Jamie totally cheat and then Rebecca tries to justify it somehow. They watch James cheat, and they all stand up and start yelling at the television. Hey, I do that too! Actually, this season, I don't -- I just can't muster up the energy to care that much. In an interview, Syrus says there is no doubt in his mind that James was wrong. Jamie tells the others that he will be crucified for coming out from behind the hay bale, but James was standing right next to the target. Yeah, because he saw Jamie doing it. I'm not saying James was right to cheat, but let's not pretend Jamie is Mr. Innocent here.

The RR team watches the tapes. Susie points out some transgression. Laterrian says he's excited because he thinks they have a good case. In an interview, James says that, after watching the tape, he's disappointed in himself, and that going back won't help matters. Laterrian repeats that he's excited about this. James says that he's not doing the mission. In an interview, James says that he's boycotting the mission. Emily stands up and agrees with James -- she's not doing it. James explains, "It's not about who wins and loses. It was about what happened." Okay, so maybe "James explains" wasn't the best choice of phrase there. "James blathers"? "James babbles"? Something like that. In an interview, Emily says that she doesn't want to revisit the mission and have to blame someone. Susie thinks they can win this, and that it would be a slap in the face. Christian wonders what they have to gain from boycotting the mission. In an interview, Laterrian says that they shouldn't be okay with losing. Christian points out that they have a "serious decision to make right now." Shots of everyone looking very serious and decisive. Commercial.

Back from commercial, everyone is still looking serious and decisive. James says that he's not demanding that anyone else join his boycott, but he's asking for support. Which means he wants them to join his boycott. Emily says that she is with James. Michelle says that James has asked for support, and that she understands his principle, so she votes not to do it. Christian says that if, by the end of the discussion, one of them doesn't want to do it, he doesn't think they should. Susie agrees. Laterrian says that he has a "competitive spirit," and that he would like to do the mission, but if James doesn't want to, he's with him. James points out that some of the RW team members might not want to do the mission either. Susie asks Laterrian what's wrong, and Laterrian says that he doesn't like to lose.

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