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True To Himself

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True To Himself

Last week: The two teams had a paintball mission. You can read the previous recap to see what the rules were, because they were complicated. James felt that Jamie cheated by continuing to shoot his gun after the target was reached. Emily said that the paint pellets hurt when they hit her, but she didn't say it in a whiny way. James and Laterrian decided to follow Jamie's lead. Syrus got pissed and got all up in James's grill.

Can I confess something? I am so sick of this show that the only thing that keeps me going is that there is only one more episode after this one. And a reunion special or some shit. I am so sick of James's crying, Julie's "independence" and changing hair color, and all the other crap from these people. I hope that after this season, I never see any of them again. Ever. Whew! I feel better now.

As the episode begins, Syrus and James are still screaming at each other. Kameelah gets between them and pushes the two men back. In an interview, Kameelah tells us that with "all the arguing, all the confusion," neither team was awarded the $10,000 for the mission. Laterrian, Michelle, and Rebecca sit on a bench. Susie walks up and says that she just talked to her mother, and now Susie is "bitter." Laterrian asks why she is bitter. In an interview, Rebecca says that the RR team is sick of doing missions and ready to go home. Susie tells the others that she is sick of losing, and sick of being behind by "forty grand," and points out that some people don't make that in a year. Hey, can I consider that a shout-out? Laterrian tries to point out "the positive," but Susie tells him that he's hallucinating because there is none. Susie, I feel you. Laterrian says that he should have "pissed all over the place so [they] could get kicked out." I'm not sure why that is "the positive," but whatever. In an interview, Laterrian says that when he's "losing at home," he doesn't speak, talk, or eat. What does he do at home, exactly, that involves losing? Does his mom make him compete for meals or something? Anyway, Laterrian doesn't understand how his team is able to "take losing so well." This is taking it well? James's outbursts? Susie's bitching? I'd hate to see them taking it poorly.

The two teams stand around outside one of the buses. James is still pouting. Michelle reads a message from their phone -- they're going to New York City, where they will get another clue. Don't they have to go back to London first? It seems like that's been their M.O. while in Europe. Cue the airport montage. Because otherwise we would have thought they rode the buses from wherever the hell they are in Europe back to New York City.

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