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Tough Love

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Tough Love

Susie voice-overs that James and Laterrian wouldn't give up on her. It looks like the only RR people still left on the ropes are Susie and James. Dan is behind them, though. Dan voice-overs that the rest of his team threw themselves on the rope to make it steady rather than yelling at him. Laterrian tries to hold the rope steady for Susie and James. I don't know why Susie and James don't get on the same rope and have Emily, Christian, Michelle, and Laterrian hold it steady on the other end. It doesn't really matter because Dan makes it across ahead of them, and the RW team jogs to the finish line for the win. Dan voice-overs that in that situation, you do what you have to do, but once he crossed the finish line, he let go because the fight was over, and he started crying. Aw. That's actually touching, sort of. General Whisker tells Dan that he did something he couldn't do before. Kameelah and Rebecca try to comfort Dan. Syrrhosis calls everyone over for a group prayer. The RW team gets in a circle as Syrrhosis offers up a prayer. The RR team is also in a circle. James says that there was a point where each one of them wanted to quit, but they kept going, and that is the real victory. James? Is that you? What's going on here? The mission is over. They lost. Why is he being so cool about it?

Jamie voice-overs that Dan was put up against something both physically and emotionally challenging, and he did it. Jamie tries to comfort the still-crying Dan by saying that the course was "insanely difficult." Rebecca hugs Dan, who is still crying. All right. Pull yourself together, man. Rebecca and Dan argue over who is uglier at this point. I don't know -- they both look fine to me, especially considering that they just rolled through dirt and swam in swamp water. Rebecca says that they could be the "Before" picture at the bad hair salon. Dan finally stopped crying.

General Whisker calls them all over and tells them that Dan taught them that everything is achievable in life. So, Dan is the MVP. Syrrhosis pours his water bottle over Dan's head for no reason. Dan voice-overs that he was awarded the MVP while he was crying, and he thinks it's ironic. I don't know what's ironic about that. I'll refrain from the obligatory "Alanis Morrisette version of irony" joke, because that's so, like, 1998. General Whisker gives the big check to the RW team, who now leads $60,000 to the RR $40,000. Dan spins the wheel and wins an "MP3 prize package." He doesn't look very excited about it.

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