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Tough Love

Over on the RW team, they're still walking through water. Syrrhosis yells out that he's "bringing up the rear," and I'm sure it's not the first time he's yelled that. On this trip. That day. The RR team reaches "The Swamp." Wow, they are really far behind, if this timeline is accurate at all. Which it's probably not. Laterrian and Susie continue to hold hands while walking. Susie is gasping for breath like an asthmatic who's ten days off the inhaler. Maybe she has asthma. That's the only time I've ever heard someone wheeze like that. Susie holds onto the back of Laterrian's shirt and he pulls her through the water. James comes back to help out, and they drag her to the bridge where we saw Kameelah earlier. Susie is scared to go under, because she can't breathe. But if she's not breathing, you'd think it would be easier. I don't know. James goes to the first stopping point and tells Susie that she can grab his hands and he'll guide her to him. I should point out that it's not like swimming the English Channel underwater or anything. They have to be underwater for maybe two seconds. The only scary part would be if you tried to come up and got wood instead of air, and banged your head or something. But maybe that's my phobia.

Anyway, while Susie makes her way under the bridge, James voice-overs that Susie felt bad about slowing the team down, but they told her it was all right, because this is all about teamwork. Wait. Did James just say that? Really? Of course, we didn't SEE him say it, so maybe he was joking. Like, "Here's something I would never say: it's all about teamwork." This episode must have been short, because they insert these really unnecessary "underwater-cam" shots every time Susie goes under. Like we don't know what it looks like under water. Wait, there are bubbles? And it's murky? Fascinating. Emily and Michelle cheer her on. Emily yells, "You're going to finish, Susie!" Michelle says under her breath, "She won't finish." Heh. Susie finally makes it past the bridge. Christian went back to help at some point, because now he is pulling Susie along. Emily walks back a few steps to help out.

Jamie explains that the fifth obstacle is called "The Deceiver," and that you have to climb up this rope net, and then jump into this pool of water, but you don't know how deep the pool is. Well, only the first person. After that, they know how deep it is, right? Jamie goes first and jumps into the water lightly. The water is probably two feet deep. Jamie cheers the others on. They jump into the water, one by one, until they are all through and ready for the next obstacle.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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