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Tough Love

Susie somehow manages to work her way over to the tower while hanging from her hands, and Emily helps to pull her up, so she doesn't have to do the whole thing over. I guess Julie made it through the second time around, because the RW team starts jogging to the next obstacle. Lest you think that these obstacles are all right in a row, they actually have to do a bit of jogging to get from one to the next -- there are like trails through the woods and shit. Julie screams, "Get speed!" as they plunge through a small ravine filled with water. The RR team is still on the second obstacle.

Jamie explains that the third obstacle is called "Fiery Holes and Mud Pits." You can use that for the name of your next album, if you want. ["Or for those mornings after a night of buffalo wings and too much beer."-- niki] Anyway, it's a bunch of mud holes and burning hay bales. And let me tell you -- all the smoke makes for some GREAT visuals. Except for the part where you can't see anything. Which you would think would be a blessing, but you can still hear them, so it's almost as bad. Kameelah says that she realized her team was ahead, and it didn't surprised her because "the Real World girls are definitely a lot tougher than the Road Rules girls." To underscore her point, we see Susie fall into a big hole and cry out like a baby, while James (of all people) goes to help her up. Then, we see Rebecca jogging along, and her entire mouth is covered with mud. There isn't any mud on the rest of her face, so it looks like she was just eating mud or something. Because she's tough. Parts of this obstacle involve crawling through tires on your stomach, and exiting into a swamp-like area. Instead of crawling on her stomach, Susie tries to crawl on her hands and knees, so it slows her down a lot. She whines and whines as Laterrian tries to take her hand to pull her out. Laterrian tells her to take her time, and then holds her hand as they run ahead. Aw. Laterrian is so nice. As they move ahead, Susie is walking, instead of jogging, and is flanked by Laterrian and James. Susie voice-overs that she doesn't have the endurance to complete this and she's already feeling like this is beyond her. Cut to a shot of an ambulance approaching. Can I just say, that if this was last season, Amaya would have passed out or broken something or been injured in some way before they even got to the first obstacle? Can you even imagine Amaya doing this? That makes me not hate Susie so much.

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