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Tough Love

General Whisker reads off the rules. Team members can help one another through obstacles. You can't move on to the next obstacle on the course until all team members have completed the current obstacle. If the judge rules that you didn't make it successfully through an obstacle, you will be forced to redo it. They zoom in on Susie during this last rule, just so you know. Once an individual crosses the final finish line, he or she will not be allowed to go back onto the course to help a fellow team member. In an interview, Kameelah says that this is like "boot camp on crack." Hey, another shout-out. Sort of. I recap Boot Camp too, you know. Dan says that it looks "absolutely hideous." I like Dan's attitude.

The first obstacle will be called "The Tiger Tail." James explains that you have to "climb up a rope net" and then "run through an electrified maze." Ooh, will someone get zapped? The race begins. The RW team appears to take the early lead. The women of RR are lagging way behind on climbing the net. My observations are correct -- Susie voice-overs that after the first obstacle, her team was "already losing ground." I think James has a camera strapped to his back, which is kind of a handicap, don't you think? He also isn't wearing work gloves, even though everyone else is, and he gets a shock from the fence. Well, it's his own fault for not wearing the gloves. The RW team jogs to the next obstacle. One of the women on the RR team was last -- I think it was Michelle. But who knows? Oh wait, it was Emily -- someone said her name. They start jogging off.

Jamie is way ahead of his team for no particular reason. It doesn't matter who gets to the obstacle first on the team. Maybe he's trying to pace them or something. Jamie explains the second obstacle, "The Behemoth," and I can't even read that word without saying it a la Steven Wright in Reservoir Dogs. Anyway, you have to climb up some tires to a tower, and then "shimmy across some stretched-out ropes to another tower." Jamie has a camera too, by the way, so I guess it's not just a handicap. Dan voice-overs that about halfway across the ropes, all of the muscles in his forearms and hands cramped up. Just as she is almost across, Julie takes a huge fall to the ground below. I thought she hit her head, but it was just the angle -- there's a bunch of hay on the ground to cushion the fall. Julie yells at one of the judges, asking if she has to do it again, and he says that she does. The RR team is just climbing the first tower. Laterrian helps Susie up onto the tower. About halfway across, she complains, "I'm tired." In about the same place where Julie fell, Susie loses her footing and hangs by her hands from the rope. She voice-overs, "I'm stuck in this position for what seems an eternity." And then we go to commercial. I feel you about the episodes seeming like an eternity, Susie. I think this is only the first commercial break. I remember when I thought recapping a half-hour show would be a lot easier than doing one of those hour-long dramas. And then I met this cast. And James. And Julie.

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