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The show opens with a letterboxed screen (but the letterbox strips are on FIRE! Because it's EXTREME!) showing a coastline that looks like Maine. After the credits, the on-screen text informs us that they are on Cow Island, Maine. Hey, I pegged it! I'm going to assume that you all know which season these people are from -- if not, go check the Extra I did on the "Afterlife" special.

Julie is standing on a pier, squealing with excitement. She says that "The Real World was definitely an eye-opening experience." Really? Because I didn't get that during the season, the eight million interviews she's done since then, or any of the stories about her. You'd think she'd be more forthcoming about how the show changed her. Next thing you know, she's going to tell me she's no longer going to BYU! Do they really think that any person who watches this show doesn't know Julie's story by now? Jamie and Dan walk out the pier to join Julie. Jamie tells us that since his season ended, he has moved to San Francisco, and raised money for his crap-ass website. Julie gives Dan a big hug but ignores Jamie. Interesting. Dan tells us that since the Miami season, he has worked as a model and been a spokesperson for the AIDS Walk, and that people come up to him on the street and say, "Thanks." Who says that? No one has ever said that to him. Unless it was, "Thanks for calling Melissa a bitch." Or maybe, "Thanks for being such a drama queen so that we didn't have to watch more footage of Joe's monstrous girlfriend, Nic." Or possibly, "Thanks for spying on the shower incident, and thus being a part of the most memorable moment in your season." Those are the only examples I can think of. Jamie asks Dan where he's living now, and Dan replies, "Chicago." Rebecca and Syrrhosis skip down the pier to join their team. Syrrhosis tells us that he has no regrets, and he's paid his dues, and not it's time to "sit back and let things come to [him]." Well, that's a great go-get-'em attitude, there. Just sit back and wait for the phone call from B/M for the next opportunity to pimp your dwindling fame. Rebecca tells us that after Seattle (and we do get a Space Needle shot, thank God) she decided to go to Europe and discovered herself. Julie notices the arrival of Kameelah, who vows to be "a lot more patient and make the most of the situation." Good luck with that. Her teammates are already trying my patience, and we're only a few minutes into the season. Jamie jokes about how this is "the Extreme Challenge," and then the teammates go into a not-at-all-suggested-by-the-producers team huddle and do a cheer. Wow, that was so spontaneous.

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