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Timmy Grows a Pair

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Timmy Grows a Pair

Previously on the Challenge: Chadwick decided (and convinced the others) that the RR Inner Circle should eliminate the biggest threat, which was Yes and Veronica. It made Holly not Wick "literally sick to [her] stomach," because it set a vicious tone for the competition. In an interview, Jisela said that her team needs to change the players in order to "play the game fairly." Mark and Eric introduced the next game, which was basically musical chairs with inner tubes in a pool. On the first round, Piggy couldn't find a tube, so she and Chadwick were out. Jisela gloated because she figured that it meant Piggy and Chadwick would be voted off.

Theo explains the "Inner Tube Tango" game, which, as I said earlier, is like musical chairs with tubes in a pool. The prize for this one, besides the points, is a Fender guitar and amp. The music starts up. In an interview, Holly Not Wick says that the general feeling of the contest is "childish." In an interview, Becky reminds us that it's just like musical chairs. The music stops, and before the contestants can jump into the water, the picture freezes. In an interview, Tara says that people might have thought that the mission would be mellower, but it's actually brutal. Cut to the contestants churning about in the water, trying desperately to latch onto a tube. People get into tubes, and then try to find their partners to make sure that they also have a tube. With so many people, it's all very confusing, and people are just grabbing tubes away from one another. When it all settles down, Becky is the one without a tube, so Becky and Norm are eliminated. Elka gets out of the pool and the camera totally looks down her top. I'm sure she loved that shot. Or more likely, Walter did. Coral comments that this is the worst thing she's ever done. I knew her getting stuck upside-down in an inner tube was going to come up during this competition. And it does, in an interview, when Coral explains that she drowned as a child. So is this The Sixth Sense and suddenly I can see dead people? Maybe she was clinically dead, like Buffy, and then her undead boyfriend couldn't give her CPR because he had no breath, so then the guy who had a crush on her had to bring her back. And then another Coral was called, but this Coral was Jamaican. Or something.

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