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The Third Mission

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The Third Mission

It's Roni's turn. In an interview, Kefla says that Roni will "step up to the challenge." Aw. I wish they would spend more time on the Kefla/Roni relationship and less time on any other relationship from this mission. Roni doesn't appear at all nervous, but she twists a bunch of times on the way down, and doesn't get any rings. Montana asks Beth what she's thinking. Beth says that she'll see what the score is. In an interview, Neil says that he thought they were going to lose, because "Montana was actually crying with the horror of it, and Beth was...being Beth."

Neil gets strapped in and goes up the elevator. He yells to Jason that he doesn't like it and wants to go him. Tool tells Neil that he's having fun, and Neil says that he's actually not. Beth yells out, "Go get some rings so I don't have to go." Shut UP, Beth! Neil steps out onto the platform and then steps back. Jason yells that he should "do it for Gavin" -- a plastic, inflatable sheep. Nathan holds up Gavin so that Neil can see him. Tool tells Neil that he's a "machine in motion." Everyone counts down and Neil jumps, grabbing one ring. In an interview, Nathan says that Neil claimed he would never bungee-jump, but that he did, and that it says a lot about who he is. Someone who goes back on his word? As Neil dangles upside down, he says, "That was the most horrible thing I've ever done in my life." Heh. The score is now tied, four all.

It's Janet's turn. In an interview, Janet says that she was starting to feel tingly. Janet asks Tool whether anyone has ever passed out. Kalle thinks that Janet won't do it. In the elevator, Janet says that she can't breathe, or feel her hands. Her hands have cramped into this weird claw shape. Janet says that she doesn't know if she can do it. Hey, it's a cliffhanger!

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