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The Third Mission

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The Third Mission

Tool, which is what I'm going to call the unidentified mission mayor, asks what the team members want to do, as if that matters. Some of them guess that they will be water-skiing, since they're on a boat on a lake. Suddenly, they come around a corner and see a huge crane. Tool asks whether they are ready to do "some serious, serious bungee-jumping?" Nathan, Mark, and Jason are excited. Tool tells them that they've never had an accident or an injury. Montana makes up some story her chiropractor told her about bungee-jumping causing injuries. In an interview, Beth says that the harnesses go around the ankle, so she's not happy. Oh, yeah. I forgot about her ankle "injury," which was totally not a factor until they reached a mission she doesn't want to do. Beth sucks.

Nathan decides that everyone is doing it, but Neil says that he's not. Tool explains that they each get one jump, from seven and a half stories up on the crane, bound by the ankles. They have to try to pick up foam rings floating on the water. The team with the most rings gathered at the end wins. Noah asks whether everyone has to jump. Tool says that everyone does not have to jump, but that you can't assign someone to go in your place, so that means the team's potential maximum rings gathered will be lessened. Tool asks whether everyone is jumping. Beth says that she is not. Nathan asks her to think about her team. Beth asks Tool how her "sprained" ankle will be affected. Tool says that they have done one-legged jumps for stunt work. Okay, but do you really think that Beth is capable of doing something that only stunt people have done until now? In an interview, Beth admits that she is afraid, as well as worried about her ankle. Montana is also very frightened, and nearly crying. Nathan hugs her. Jason asks her whether she's going to do it, and she says that she doesn't know yet, and sniffles.

Nathan has decided to go first. He goes up in the elevator thing to jump from seventy-two feet. Janet is more nervous than Nate is, and says that she doesn't know why, since she jumped out of a plane. The others count down for Nate's jump. Nate manages to get two rings. Mark is up next. Tool gives him some last-minute instructions. Mark grabs two rings as well, so the score is tied.

Kefla is up next. In an interview, Kefla says that he's "totally afraid." Tool makes Kefla hold out his hand, and it's shaking like a maraca at a Ricky Martin concert. Kefla crosses himself and jumps, grabbing two rings. The Road Rules team is ahead four to two. In an interview, Neil realizes that if he drops out, his team will lose. Jason goes up to jump, and tells Tool that he has to go and get two, because they've lost every other mission. Jason only gets one. In an interview, Jason says that it was "absolute pure terror," and that he'd do it again. The Road Rules team leads four to three.

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