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The Third Mission

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The Third Mission

Roni starts yelling out the window to Kefla, who is standing out on the sidewalk by himself. In an interview, Roni explains that Kefla has a friend in L.A., and that the three of them are going to some club together. Roni and Kefla dance at the club, and for once on a B/M show, they aren't the only people on the dance floor.

Back at the suite, Montana sings and dances with a bottle of wine in her hand. Ooh, we all know what happens when Montana gets near wine. Noah (rudely) says that he doesn't think Montana's pants are flattering. They are black capri pants, which she is wearing with a men's white button-down shirt. I think she looks fine. Very Mia Wallace. Montana tells Noah that she might have to get braces and look like a thirteen-year-old, in order to fit into Noah's tastes and mental capacity. Burn! In an interview, Montana says that Noah "objectifies women, in a sense," and that he is young and insecure. Noah and Montana start wrestling. In an interview, Noah says that Montana has "a very feisty nature." They continue wrestling on the floor, and Nathan pops up in an interview to say something about sexual tension. Noah gives Montana a wedgie and rips her underwear. Montana takes it a lot more calmly than I would, but I guess the wine helps. Montana, in turn, rips off Noah's wifebeater. Noah yells out that he hates feminists as the others watch them wrestle. Janet is horrified. Nathan cheers Montana on. Jason and Kalle giggle.

At the club, Roni and Kefla dance together. Roni says that it's a day she will never forget.

Back in the hotel, Montana tells Noah that she'll stop if he will promise to think before he makes any more sexist remarks. In an interview, Montana says that there's a part of her that really likes Noah (which I surmise is her vagina) and a part of her that doesn't (which I surmise is her brain). Noah is suddenly looking very stoned as he asks Montana whether they can hug and be friends. Montana voice-overs that she thinks she will really like Noah in about five years.

The bus arrives at a lake and get on a boat. Some unidentified guy tells them that they are in for "chaos and mayhem." I hate that guy already. In an interview, Neil says that he hopes it's not another physical mission. I know it sounds like Neil is being really whiny, and I don't know if it's the accent or what, but he actually comes off as very droll. Sure, he probably should have realized how physical the missions would be, but he probably saw it as an opportunity to have some fun and make some money. And win a free trip in the United States.

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