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The Third Mission

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The Third Mission

The Real World team members tie bandannas and ribbons around the dog's necks. In an interview, Nathan says that he wants to get back early to meet Kobe and Reggie and get their autographs.

This is the dumbest scene ever. The basketball game is over, and the Road Rules team owes Kobe and Reggie $40. Kobe and Reggie pretend like they are giving the Road Rules team time to discuss how they are going to pay their debts, and walk off to the side. The Road Rules team takes off out of the gym. Get it? They're running away from their debt? I'm so sure that was completely spontaneous and not planned ahead of time. The only funny part of the whole scene is at the end, when Kobe looks at the camera and says that he's not worried about it because "[he's] from Philadelphia [and they] track people down." Outside, Kefla tells the camera that they aren't going to pay, and then runs away. Spare me.

The Road Rules team walks back into the gym. Mark hands Kobe fifty dollars, telling him to take the extra ten and buy himself something nice. In an interview, Kefla says that he thought Kobe would give the money back, but he pocketed it. Like Kobe Bryant needs that fifty. Of course, the Road Rules team would just spend it on booze or something. The Real World team walks in with all of the dogs on leashes. Montana sees Syrus; she starts freaking out and gives him a big hug. In an interview, Nathan says that he and Kobe hit it off, and that Kobe was asking him questions about Stephanie. Okay, that's kind of funny. Who knew Kobe Bryant was a Real World Seattle fan? Nathan tells Kobe that he and Stephanie are "taking a little break right now." Syrus compliments Jason's platinum blond hair. Kobe gives Nathan the money for washing the dogs, as well as the information about their hotel suite.

The teammates listen to a tape of their next clue, which is completely unintelligible to me. All I got was the last line, which said, "Hold your breath!" Everyone immediately guesses that they will have to go underwater. Neil guesses that they are going diving.

In an interview, Nathan tells us that his team invited the Road Rules team into their suite, because it was so big. Janet walks around the suite, raving about how nice it is. Jason says that they are going to "party hearty tonight." Shut up, Jason. I guess part of the suite was free hair gel, because then there is a montage of everyone putting eight tons of gel in his or her hair. The boys all look like Elvis. Janet teases her hair way out, and actually looks a little bit like Malik. For some reason, the guys put on makeup. Is this what Jason meant by "party hearty"? They all take Polaroids of each other.

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