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The Third Mission

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The Third Mission

Some unidentified woman tells the Real World team that they have to groom the dogs, and that if the dogs look "extra, extra cute," the Real World team will get to stay in a suite tonight. In an interview, Beth says that, for a nice hotel room, she'll make the dogs the cleanest that they've ever been. Jason tells Nathan that he'd rather wash the dogs than play basketball, and that he didn't even know who Reggie Miller was. Montana asks on what team they play. Nathan is disgusted with his teammates, and disappointed that he doesn't get to play with the pros.

The Real World team take the dogs to a dog washing place. Meanwhile, the Road Rules team is learning the terms of their basketball game. Kobe announces that they have a guest referee -- and out walks Syrus from The Real World Boston, wearing a striped shirt. Syrus explains that every time the Road Rules team gets a basket, it's worth $20. Every time Kobe and Reggie get a basket, it's worth $10. Each basket is worth one point, and they are playing to twenty. Reggie and Kobe tell the cameras that they aren't going to show the Road Rules team any mercy, and it will be funny.

Neil and Janet wash their dogs. Nathan finds out that his dog has fleas. Kobe Bryant's dog has fleas? Damn! Back at the YMCA, Reggie and Kobe quickly rack up two baskets. Reggie takes a shot from way out, and it misses. Mark grabs the rebound and pops it out to Kefla, who shoots one from what would be three-point-land and drops it. Hey, I knew my years of doing stats for my high school's basketball team would come in handy some day! Mark banks in a shot off the glass to tie the score at two. Keep in mind that all six Road Rules team members are on the court, playing against the two NBA players.

The Real World team wash their dogs. Apparently, the dogs are quite dirty. Back at the YMCA, Noah nails a jump shot. Kobe tells the camera that he and Reggie have to communicate a little bit more. Yeah, like the editors didn't tell them not to make it a blowout so that they could stretch the game out for an entire episode. Kefla goes up for a jump shot from outside, and Kobe slaps it into the bleachers. Kobe hits Reggie on an alley-oop. I think the tide is turning. In an interview, Anne (remember her?) says that their goal is just to break even in terms of money. Based on the number of baskets Kobe and Reggie are getting, I don't know if that's going to happen. Kalle tells the camera that she hates playing and watching basketball, that she doesn't know who these guys (Kobe and Reggie) are, and that she would rather be washing a dog.

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