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The Third Mission

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The Third Mission

Due to the breakdown of the Winnie at the end of the previous episode, both teams are now traveling on the bus. Noah and Beth explain that they are headed to the Hollywood YMCA, but that they don't know what their mission will be. Nathan and Janet point out that the first two missions haven't even been close. Nathan says that his team gets "ji-yammed," which must be Nate-speak for "jammed." Neil wonders why he agreed to come, since so far he has been dressed up in a roller derby outfit, dressed up as "a gay Village People cowboy," and made to push a bed. Neil would like to go home and forget this ever happened. However, thanks to MTV's policy of rerunning these shows to death, no one will ever forget Neil's road trip across America.

The teams arrive at the Hollywood YMCA, and are greeted by some guy who doesn't even merit the Hip, Squiggly Font of Character Introduction. The men and women split up to go into their respective locker rooms, where they find basketball jerseys with their names on them. The guys are all excited, except Neil, who says, "Oh, bugger." Heh. Jason and Neil flex in a mirror, and their biceps, combined, are about half as big as Kefla's.

The teams walk out onto the basketball court to find Kobe Bryant and Reggie Miller shooting some hoops. Roni starts jumping around. Nathan does the biggest hick expression of surprise I've ever seen -- his jaw literally drops open and stays there. In an interview, Noah says that Kefla wanted to play basketball with them, but Roni just wanted to sit on their laps for the afternoon. Well, would he rather Kefla sit on their laps? Kefla's big. He might hurt them and jeopardize their NBA careers.

Reggie Miller asks which team chose the "Japanese Pacer" envelope in the last episode. It was Road Rules, and it means that they get to play basketball against Reggie and Kobe. The Real World team, on the other hand, gets to wash Kobe Bryant's dogs. They all cheer and jump around. A woman brings out Kobe's dogs, and there must be seven of them. Well, I guess he can afford it. They range in size from a Great Dane to a Dachshund. Aw, the dogs are cute. I would totally want the dog-washing mission. In an interview, Neil says that they are pleased to be washing dogs, which may sound strange, but they've been through a lot. I guess washing dogs will tax the intellectual resources they've been telling us about so much. Nathan watches the other team joke around with the NBA players and turns away, disappointed.

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