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The Good Guys Strike Back!

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The Good Guys Strike Back!

Previously: CT punched Davis and got kicked off before they even participated in a Challenge, and Derrick replaced him; the Bad Asses got off to a strong start.

We return to find Alton and Tyrie preparing to get their Inferno on. As usual, the explanation of the task is insanely contrived and hard to follow, but boils down to something simple -- in this case, hanging upside-down and trying to solve puzzles that appear to have about eight pieces each. Now, I don't claim to understand why Alton is spoken of by the other players in tones customarily reserved for Babe Ruth and Tiger Woods, despite the fact that this show showcases not a single skill applicable elsewhere in life save the ability to 1) get drunk and 2) avoid temping. But he does win, which kind of sucks because I don't know Tyrie at all, but he refers to himself as a wrecking ball when he's swinging upside down building the puzzle, so he's okay with me.

After some awestruck commentary from Ace about how Alton made it look easy, and some snidery from Timmy about how the other team is "crumbling" (um, it's one guy), Tyrie is sent home with an eeeeeendlessly protracted goodbye sequence more befitting a Valkyrie. As Jenn weeps, Tyrie does a dying declaration to his team about avenging him, then tells Alton, "It was an honor, man." "The honor was mine, my friend," Alton says gravely. You guys, YOU ARE NOT RONIN. Can we take the self-seriousness down a notch? ... Not even one notch?

Back at the palatial pad, Cara, Susie, and someone other Good Guys girl I don't recognize (... Jenn?) play cards, drink wine, and shit-talk Tonya, calling her dumb and easy to intimidate. No argument here. Watch out for her kidney stone, though; that thing will kick your ass.

In Bad Asses Land, there's a debate over which Good Guys girl to send into the Inferno next time. The whole sequence is a bit strange, because first of all the decision is way premature, and second of all, Aneesa goes from zero to beeyotch in about three seconds and for no apparent reason. Well, her stated reason is that Ev is annoying and is trying to boss everyone -- Jenn also interviews that Ev thinks she's better than the rest of the team, even if she did well in the prior challenge, or something -- but it looks to the audience like Ev is just making suggestions. Regardless of the reason, this is a group of people who by their very presences in the game have proven a priori that they're unable to prioritize or to manage conflict effectively, so: Aneesa gets a wild hair and informs her snottily that "we are a team, okay"; Ev instantly gets defensive and accuses Aneesa of getting in her face; Tonya interviews that, basically, she used to act like that, it's insecurity, and why doesn't Ev listen to her (hee); and Ev winds up pointing at Aneesa a lot and then storming out in a volley of bleeps.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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