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The Fourth Mission

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The Fourth Mission

If you will recall, at the end of the last episode, Janet was preparing to bungee jump, and her hands froze into claws. I know you have all been breathlessly awaiting the outcome of this one. Except for the "breathlessly" part. And the "awaiting" part. The score is tied, four to four. Nathan cheers Janet on. Meanwhile, up in the crane, Janet is freaking out. As much as I give Janet shit, I would be freaking out, too. I would probably think that I was having a stroke. In an interview, Jason says that they were all wondering what was going on. Jason and Neil yell that if Neil can do it, anyone can. Tool explains to Janet that she is having "a spasm of some sort," and that she can't jump like that, but that she can go down and rest, and if it gets better, maybe she can jump later. In an interview, Neil says, "Some strange psychological force has taken hold of [Janet]." Doesn't Neil have a PhD in psychology? And that's the best explanation he could come up with? Janet cries when she gets back down to the ground, and rubs her hands together, willing them back to normal.

Janet gets checked out by a medic. Nathan tells Beth and Montana that they have to jump. Beth says they don't have to if they don't want to. What is she, five years old? Oh, right. Dumb question. In an interview, Nathan explains that Beth said her ankle hurt. Beth explains that she thinks her teammates should be able to go twice, as substitutes. Kefla doesn't like that idea. The medic tells Janet to relax and remember that she's there to have fun. Nathan massages Janet's hands and fingers. I would think he was being nice, but you know he really just knows they need her to jump. Roni is also unhappy, and expresses her feelings verbally by saying, "Hell, no!" In an interview, Neil says that he was getting pissed off because the Road Rules team is "so competitive," and the Real World team "is just so not." Neil reminds Kefla that he was scared to jump. Kefla says he knows Janet is scared. Jason says, "No, she's crying, so that counts more." Oh, I didn't realize they were quantifying their fear. I don't even understand what this argument is about. I don't think they do, either. In an interview, Kefla says that he wants to win. Tool hears the arguing and explains that it was his decision to bring Janet back down, and that she can try again after resting for a bit. Janet furiously massages her hands, trying to get them back to normal.

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