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The Final Mission

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The Final Mission

Now comes my favorite part. See, I've been using this tape in order to record all of the other shows that I recap. So every time I wanted to tape a show, I had to cue it up after the last episode of this Challenge, which means that I've watched the last minute or so of this episode about a hundred times. And it never fails to crack me up. See, Neil brought along this inflatable sheep named Gavin. So, there's a montage of all the experiences that Gavin had. Montana explains that Gavin started to take on a personality after a while. On the bus, Mark holds Gavin. Beth complains that there are other people there who want to spend time with Gavin. Montana comments that Gavin doesn't like Beth at all. Beth wonders what she ever did to Gavin. Noah says that it's what she didn't do for Gavin. Montana details that Beth was in the air-conditioned bus, while Gavin was in the hot Winnie, about to melt, he's plastic, his hoof was about to pop, and his ass was about to blow out. Beth explains to Gavin that she was resting for the team, and that if has something to say to her, he should just say it. Mark pipes up, "He said 'Talk to the hoof, 'cause the rest of him ain't listening.'" I don't know why, but that kills me. And it's a fitting farewell to this mini-season.

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