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The Final Mission

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The Final Mission

Kalle asks Janet that if she could take one characteristic from each guy on the trip, what would it be? Janet says that she would take Neil's "intelligence and his gentle manner," Nathan's Southern hospitality, and Jason's "passion for his writing and his poetry." What about Mark and Kefla? Don't they count? In an interview, Jason says that he feels everything romantic for Janet, but that she lives in Chicago, and long-distance relationships don't usually work out.

Nathan asks Roni to explain her relationship with Kefla. Roni says that Kefla is a great guy, and that they are really good friends. Kefla avoids her eyes while she is taking. In an interview, Kefla says something noncommittal about Roni being his girl. In an interview, Roni says that she would love for Kefla to be her boyfriend, and that she's scared of what will happen now that they aren't together. Seriously, they obviously had a pretty deep relationship, and this is the first that we've heard of it? Whatever.

The vehicles arrive at Universal Studios. Mark explains that he saw this huge glass tube with money flying around inside it. Noah says that they get one minute in the chamber for each mission won. L.A. David greets them, and explains that they can't grab money from the ceiling or the floor.

The Road Rules team goes first. They get four minutes. I think Tara from Northern Trail is there, filling in for Anne. Some chick with a blonde ponytail just walked into the chamber, and I don't see Anne in there at all. You know, they could have explained that. The Road Rules team gets into a circle, so that each person is facing the back of the person in front of him or her. Each person is also wearing a backpack, into which the money will be stuffed. The money starts flying, and the team members start grabbing. Anne, outside, says that her team is kicking butt in there. Time runs out, and the team members file out of the chamber. Kalle says that it was the craziest thing she's done, next to standing on top of an airplane.

Jason says that the Road Rules team took a lot of the money, so it's kind of like his team is getting scraps. The Real World team uses the same circle strategy, but they only get one minute. Afterwards, Janet says that they are all a little disappointed, because maybe if they had thought a little more about the money flying into their hands, they would have worked a little harder on the missions.

David announces that one representative from each team will help count the money. It looks like Nathan and Mark were elected money-counters. Nathan tells the camera that in his bag alone, there was $2200. There are just stacks and stacks of bills in there. Nathan comes out and announces that in one minute, his team got $10,240. That means that before taxes, they each get $1,706.66. Unless they decide to give Beth less, because she was so useless. Mark announces that his team got $39,860. That means that they each get $6,643.33 before taxes. Not bad for two weeks' work! Kefla tells the camera that MasterCard will no longer be his master, because he can pay off all his debt. Roni says that she has tuition money. All of the cast members gather for a group hug. There's an interview montage, in which each cast member talks about how hard he or she worked, and how many great friends they made. Montana says that she adores everyone on the trip. Pause. Except for Beth. Hee! Beth says that she didn't bond with everyone, because she's not a follower. She's a leader. Yeah, a leader of annoying people. Cast members continue to talk about what a great experience it was. The group hug breaks up, and we fade out.

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