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The Final Mission

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The Final Mission

Anne returns with a giant cast on her foot. In an interview, Anne says that she thought her injury wasn't a big deal, but that it obviously was. Montana asks Anne whether she got any painkillers. Anne says that she didn't want to be knocked out for the money pit.

Janet and Roni walk across the grounds, and Hef yells at them from his window. Ew! He's not wearing a shirt! That's just wrong. The cast members gather to hear one final clue. The tape says that before they get their money, they have to send the old Winnie to the "dead RV Park in the sky." Montana reads the instructions. In an interview, Neil says that he thought the missions were over. Cue montage of the fun they had with Bessie the Winnebago, until she wouldn't start.

Neil and Jason say that they thought they would hate the Winnie, but that they loved it. Nathan explains that they found out the Winnie would have to be demolished, and decided to do it themselves. As the vehicles pull up to their destination, demolitions guys are wiring up the Winnie. Beth says she is excited to see the Winnie blown up. Jason comments that he wants to see Beth blown up in it.

The pyrotechnician in charge announces that the Real World team gets to do the blowing up, since they drove the Winnie. Jason and Neil lament the end of their first collaborative work. The pyro guy gives them instructions. Each team members gets a box with buttons. Beth screeches like...well, like a really annoying person. The pyro guy does a countdown and...we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, we hear the countdown again. The Winnie blows up in a gigantic fireball. The Real World team yell about how cool it was. It was pretty cool. Janet says that she thought she would be sad, but that she got a big thrill out of it. Some crew guy hands the antlers to Neil, and I think the teddy bear is tied to the antlers. Remember how they were supposed to have a contest where they stole the bear from each other? Yeah, that got dropped pretty quickly, because they don't mention it at all in this episode. No resolution on that one. I'm kind of glad, because the dancing bear graphic scared me. It reminded me of when I worked in the mall, and there was a hippie store with tons of dancing bears and shit, and the people who worked there were all really scary, and I would meet them down in the parking garage when I was taking cigarette breaks.

The pyro guy gives them a final clue, which instructs them to go to City Walk at Universal Studios. On the way, they "decide" to play the Question Game. I'm so sure that the producers didn't force them to do this. Jason explains that each person is asked one question, and you have to answer it. Is that a game, really? That's more like a conversation. Montana asks Kalle her favorite memory of the trip. Kalle's favorite memory is when they rented boats on the lake. In an interview, Nathan says that Kalle always brought a positive energy to the game. In an interview, Kalle says that it was amazing to meet Nathan, who had lived so many of the same experiences that she had, and that she will miss him.

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