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The Final Mission

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The Final Mission

At the Emergency Room, Roni calls Nathan back at the Playboy Mansion and says that Anne has a fracture, and has to stay to talk to a bone specialist. Roni reports that Anne has calmed down and is doing much better. I thought Mark was taking her to the hospital? And what happened with Alyssa confronting Montana? I don't know.

Neil, Janet, Kalle, Montana, Nathan, Jason, Noah, and Mark lie in a bed together, drinking. Janet jokes that they are having an orgy at the Hugh Hefner house. In an interview, Beth says that everywhere you go in the house, "you just think sex." I really would rather not think about Beth and sex at all. Ever. Neil and Mark kiss on the lips, and the girls squeal. Nathan pretends to kiss Neil. I think he pretended. He shielded his mouth with his hand so that the camera couldn't see. They're all very drunk.

In an interview, Neil says that they are all getting very friendly, some more than others. Jason asks Janet why she keeps pinching his ass. Janet says that he wishes she were pinching his ass. In an interview, Mark says that "something is brewing between Janet and Jason -- a little love connection, maybe."

Suddenly, it's the next morning. A gardener is watering the lawn. The cameras show Janet and Jason asleep in a bed. Some sort of waiter carries a tray of coffee into the house. Jason gets up and walks out to the pool, then hangs out under the waterfall. Inside, Janet checks out the coffee that was delivered. The rest of this scene alternates between Janet and Jason talking to the camera. A cameraman tells Jason that, late last night, he and Janet were caught on the tennis courts. Jason gasps and runs away, screaming that they were not. Janet must have been told the same information, because she swears a blue streak. They both express disappointment that the crew didn't tell them. Jason says that this ends whatever relationship he had before the trip. Janet Bart Simpsons, "It wasn't me. I didn't do it. I wasn't there." Jason says that Janet doesn't like to talk about that side of her life on camera, so he has to respect that. Janet says that the Playboy Mansion "festers [sic] sexual attraction." Okay, so they have the footage, and they don't show it? Or even kind of hint about it? That's lame.

Inside, Jason picks up a shirt and asks whose "chick shirt" it is. Neil says that it's Jason's chick's shirt. Jason says that he doesn't have a chick, and then collapses laughing. Kalle and Nathan look at "the infamous tennis court."

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