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The Final Mission

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The Final Mission

Montage of the cast members swimming in the pool and drinking. In an interview, Neil says that people are getting to know each other like they've wanted to do for the past few weeks. Hugh Hefner comes out with a gaggle of ladies and shakes hands all around. In an interview, Beth says it was hard to believe that Hef is seventy-three years old, and that he must get "a lot of exercise, if you know what I mean." No, Beth, we don't know what you mean. That was too subtle.

Noah starts hitting on Alyssa, one of the Playmates, and Beth tells us that it's making Montana "a little jealous." In an interview, Noah explains that he talked to Alyssa for three hours, and that they had "a really good conversation about all kinds of deep issues." I think he might be talking in code, here. Noah gives Alyssa his number or something. Montana and Anne walk in and say hello. Montana says something about Noah deserving a girl "at least as intelligent as [he is]." Alyssa asks Montana whether that was supposed to be rude. Montana insists that she's just teasing Noah. That was pretty fucking rude on Montana's part. Anne tells Alyssa not to worry about it, and Alyssa says that she's not. Anne and Montana scamper off. Alyssa continues to bitch that Montana's being rude and insulting. Noah tries to play it off as Montana trying to get to him, but Alyssa is not having it.

Outside, a bunch of people jump on the trampoline. It's pretty dark, so it's hard to see exactly who is there. Mark and Neil are definitely jumping, and Anne is curled up into a ball and laughing. Alyssa and Noah approach, and Alyssa is saying that Montana cannot disrespect her at the Playboy Mansion. On the trampoline, Nathan proposes a toast to both teams, and then swigs out of a bottle of champagne. That Nathan is classy. Alyssa tells Noah how rude Montana was to her. Noah tries to herd Alyssa somewhere, but Alyssa resists. Noah's thinking, "Am I going to get laid or what? Fucking Montana ruins everything."

The others are still jumping on the trampoline. Anne takes a nasty hop, and her foot lands right on the metal edge or something. She falls to the mat, clutching her foot. Nathan lowers her to the ground. Anne keeps saying how bad it hurts, and Janet notices that Anne's foot is swelling up really quickly. Nathan picks Anne up and carries her inside, where they put her foot in ice. Anne tries to move her toes, and she can't. Anne wonders how she's going to go in the money chamber, and everyone laughs that the money chamber is her main concern. Mark decides to take Anne to the hospital, and Anne wonders whether she could have one Road Rules adventure without going to the hospital.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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