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The Fifth Mission

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The Fifth Mission

As has been the custom in the past few episodes, this one starts right where the last one left off -- in Las Vegas, just after the "talent" show. Rabid fans are swarming the two teams. After sating the desires of their fan base, the teams head back to a dressing room where L.A. "Mr. Big" David gives them their next clue. Janet plays the tape, and a military cadence rings out. Most everyone has a look of trepidation on his or her face, except Nathan, who is cheering. Remember he's a not-quite graduate of Virginia Military Institute. Beth reads that they have to be at Camp Pendleton by 6:30 PM. In an interview, Neil says, "Going to do war games feels like someone has made a very grave mistake." Does he think they are actually going to do War Games, and have to attempt to stop the launch of nuclear weapons with the help of a young Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy? Because otherwise, it seems like a pretty standard mission to me, and frankly, not all that different from the Outward Bound course that Neil did during the London season.

But let's not worry about that, because the kids are still in Vegas, baby. Vegas! At a club, Nathan and Kalle dance together. Another couple is nearby -- Noah and Montana. In an interview, Noah explains that he wants to get to know Montana better (read: see if the rug matches the drapes), and Montana says Noah is charming, not that she's attracted to him (read: she totally is). They continue to dance together, and Noah dips Montana. He dips her! It's on.

The next morning, Roni is looking for Noah. Nathan tells her that Noah isn't around, and advises her to go to the other room and see whether all the girls are there. Roni quickly finds out that Montana is also missing. There's a huge room-service table piled with dishes in the middle of the room. Boy, I love room service. Montana bursts out of the bathroom, and Roni says that Noah is "missing in action." Montana reveals that Noah is in the Winnebago, and that she's positive of that fact. Nathan tells Neil that Noah is "apparently passed out in the Winnebago." Montana, who is looking like she was rode hard and put away wet (which is a disgusting and yet strangely apt saying for these circumstances), tells Janet and Beth that she was also in the Winnebago, but she left Noah there alone.

Noah is, in fact, sleeping in the Winnebago. The two teams pile into their transportation and take off. Neil and Nathan tease Montana for christening the Winnebago. Nathan, ever the gentleman, guesses that Montana probably had a pubic hair stuck on her tooth. Nice. Over in the Road Rules Winnebago, Anne and Kalle laugh and laugh, presumably at Noah. Montana swears to Nathan that nothing happened between her and Noah. Clearly, the producers know that the two of them hooked up, but didn't get any footage of any evidence to support that claim, and couldn't get either party to admit it. So they pasted that little montage together, and it made no sense whatsoever. That's what happens when you put people who have already done this once on the show -- they know how to avoid the cameras at crucial moments.

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