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Team Girl Squad

Inferno time. TJ is not wearing his usual hat, and he should, because his hair is all sorts of no right now. Ev declines to save Aneesa, and Susie gives a whole speech about how she had a tough decision to make and the person she's sending in is a very good friend, and then she picks…Paula. Paula looks grim as she marches down to the Inferno space. "Way to do the right thing, Susie, yeahhhhh!" Bananas yells, with a sarcastic slow clap. I don't know what he expected, but still: heh.

Paula interviews about the ugliness of the decision. Aneesa interviews about Paula losing to her the last time they met in a Challenge face-off, but she's cool with losing to Paula if it comes to that. The Inferno itself involves shimmying up two narrow corridors and grabbing team flags; the first to the top is the winner, so it's sudden death and not two out of three. Before they start, Aneesa delivers the obligatory "don't want to go home so near the end" monologue. Paula says she used to do this kind of thing at home, which…huh? Did she grow up in a lighthouse? The garbage compactor from Star Wars?

Go time. Between Aneesa's bad knee and the fact that Paula is taller and can get better traction, it's not close; Paula wins it in no time. There's an icky reaction shot of Susie clapping and smiling really huge, probably because she thinks the whole issue is water under the bridge since Paula didn't lose. Susie then interviews something icky about how Paula is strong, but the team dynamic has changed, so hopefully they can pull it together, blah. Paula is thrilled, and hopes everyone can let it go so they can win the last Challenge as a team; Aneesa is upset, and says it's sad to leave everyone and it sucks to get so close and not make it.

TJ tells them to get some rest. Derrick interviews that their team is going to win. Susie voices over that the Good Guys need to get over it: "Stop being mean to me, and let's win some money!" Susie. You can't. Have it. Both. Ways. Ass.

Next time: Looks like everyone else on the Good Guys is giving Cara and Susie the silent treatment, which is counterproductive, and yet strangely, I approve. Also, Derrick is sick of losing Challenges -- maybe you guys heard something about that.

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