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Team Girl Squad

It's Ev's turn; she destroys it. The Bad Asses win, probably as a direct result. Susie and Ev win the Life Shields; Ev and Alton win the Hawaii trips. The viewers win a string of bleeps from Abram. Heh.

Susie perks in an interview that she's in a spot now, because she only has two girls to choose from -- Cara, whom she again refers to as her "BFF," and Paula, who helped her win the LS. "I'm in a bit of a pickle." Well, not really. You promised Cara you'd protect her, so…do that. If you wanted the respect and endorsement of your teammates, you shouldn't have made that agreement, but you did, and you're an even bigger dick if you go back on it now, so it's not so much a pickle as it is the bed that you made.

…Feh. I don't like Susie and I think the agreement with Cara is kind of bogus, but…it worked. They're both still there. It's not like they lied about it, either, really. It sucks that Paula's obviously going to go in, because I like her, but it's too late in the game for anyone on the Good Guys to get bent about it. If the others haven't found a way to oust one of them by now, it…is what it is.

With that said, there's a way to handle the pickle in question (hee, I just said "handle the pickle"), and Susie and Cara's way really isn't it. At least, not if Susie's concerned with everyone liking her. In my opinion, she has no choice but to say without sugarcoating it that she knows it sucks for Paula, and she's sorry about that, but she made a promise to Cara and she's going to honor it. The whole routine where she pretends to hear Alton and the others out about the decision, and makes it out like she's really torn when she already knows she's going to send Paula in, is lame. Just admit it, say you know it sucks, and show her some respect by not lying. Susie fakes to Alton that it's hard when Cara hasn't "been performing," and then she interviews that she knows Paula's better, but she has an agreement with Cara. Bananas makes the excellent point that they can't really know how well Cara will do because she hasn't tried her hardest yet, whereas Paula has all along. In an interview, he bitches that Paula is their best girl player and doesn't deserve to go in, and Cara and Susie both do, and have "from the very beginning."

Cara lays it out for them: she's with Susie, and she knows Paula deserves to stay but she (Cara) deserves to stay too. Again: wrong approach. You can't play both the loyalty card and the deserving card; you don't have the deserving card in your hand, even. This is an integrity issue, so stick with the argument where you actually…have some. Paula is in tears as she wails that it's not fair, and Cara smugly interviews that everyone's pissed at her and Susie and thinks she should volunteer herself to go in, "and that's…just not gonna happen." Alton rags on Cara for smiling all "whatever, it's a game" while Paula is crying, as he should, and good for him. Paula rants again that she shouldn't go in while Cara and Susie look sad that not everyone loves their plan. Which is the bottom line, for me. If this is your play, fine, but you can't realistically expect anyone else to get on board with it.

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