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Team Girl Squad

Back from commercials, I expect to find the producers picking Bananas up with a sponge, but of course it's not that big a deal -- he just fell into the water. He talks in an interview about how he's "not feeling well," so I think everyone's kind of hung over today. Certainly nobody's really rocking the net at first: Kenny wants his team to "let [him] show you kids something," then promptly DQs and admits in an interview that he sucks (hee); Alton DQs, bursts into tears, vows to get a job, and leaves the sho-- oh, wait. He rocks it. I think Alton's reputation as Our Lord And Challenge Savior stems from exactly this -- this ability, even though he's fucked up a few times and he sat out a Challenge for a bullshit reason, to do really really well in a way that's memorable, and because it's what people remember, or choose to remember, that's what his reputation is based on.

The cavalcade of competence continues with Derrick, who is very deliberate and finishes in time, and Ace, ditto…but then it's Aneesa's turn. She's struggling, and her team tries to advise her from the beach, but she's not having it, and she's holding the rope with her foot, but then gives up and lets go; it's obvious she's kind of already decided to bail, and she's all complainy with the excuses but Derrick predicts that she's going to DQ, and of course she does.

Cara's next. She's zipping up and down the nets, and Susie doesn't "appreciate" that Cara's going so fast, because now she has to compete with Paula and Cara, but to her credit I think she's kidding. Cara DQs by dropping the rope, though, which is Alton's cue to bust on Cara for holding back on Susie's behalf every time. He concludes, "I think she's just shady." Says the guy who's on two MTV reality shows right now. And anyway, she's not shady so much as kind of a follower, and also, shut up, Alton.

Janelle: flail. Anyone else keep forgetting Janelle is even on the show? Paula: talks about how it's crunch time, starts out strong, then catches an ankle and DQs. Abram: accompanied by crazy war-movie music, he interviews that he wants to become a pirate, and kills the course.

Then it's Susie's turn. She says she just has to finish and she'll get the LS. Paula's on the beach, hollering guidance and instructions, which she doesn't have to do, and Bananas notes as much in an interview, adding that Paula's a better person than he for helping Susie out, "knowing how catty Cara and Susie are." Susie finishes and wins the LS, and she interviews about what a relief it is. Alton hugs Paula as she voices over that she wants to help her team, but herself also, and if she goes into the Inferno, she has nothing to lose. "Well, except thousands and thousands of dollars." Hee. Aw, Paula.

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