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Swamp Rats

Piggy tells us that Sister Hazel is giving a concert, and they all decide to go. Dan, Holly, Piggy, Veronica and Teck end up on stage singing backup vocals. This must be where they got that "Holly dancing" scene from the opening credits. One of the women is singing really, really off-key. I think it's Holly, but it's hard to say since they are all sharing a mike. Teck tells us that Dan is a good guy, but that his situation prevents him from being with Holly "the way that he might like to." Holly tells us that she and Dan have "a soul connection." Dan says he has a girlfriend who he loves very much "and it's tough." Holly cries while a Macy Gray song starts up in the background and we see a montage of Dan/Holly together clips. Holly says that "soulmates don't always end up together," but that she and Dan have a connection. Holly sits with her head in her hands at a picnic table while the song continues to play. Yeah, this relationship kind of came out of nowhere. I think the producers realized the season is nearly over and they haven't had any hookups, so they had to manufacture something.

Next week: Mike and David want to play a joke on the RR team. Los isn't connecting with his teammates. Veronica tells Los that his humor is inappropriate and she has zero tolerance for it.

Over the credits, David and Mike discuss Kat's fear of clowns. It seems her father told her that Ronald McDonald is "a bad clown. He takes kids and eats them." Well, can you blame her for being scared after that?

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