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Swamp Rats

The head guy calls for the next teams to get into place. David tells them not to go, because there's no way his team can win overall. Heather tells him that they should do it anyway. Heather tells us that she had to walk away because she was so frustrated with David giving up and that even if they were behind by three hundred points, they should finish the match. Mike goes over and shakes the RR team members' hands. Mike just gained about a thousand points in my estimation for that show of sportsmanship. The announcer proclaims the RR team the winners. David walks by himself through a field and says, "After the mission, I'm feeling bitter. We lost and that's bottom line. I don't want to hear anything."

David apologizes to his teammates, since he feels like he lost it for them. This whole episode has been weirdly edited, but I really think this apology happened just after the "Swamp Fishing" heat. Anyway, he tells his team he should "write [them] a check for the 10 G's because [he] just lost it for [them]." No one really acknowledges his apology. Kat tells us that David is a born competitor and he needs to stay calm. David tells us that he gets impatient and that "when someone can't react under pressure, you can't get mad at them, and I'm sorry."

There is a trophy ceremony where the RR team is presented with actual trophies along with their ten thousand E*Trade dollars. Mike tells us he hates losing more than anything. Yes gets on the microphone and thanks the crowd for their support. Piggy takes a picture of Dan and Holly, and they are really cute together. Mike says his team is depressed about losing, so they are going to "pig out." He also says it's time to put the plan in action. David says he's sick of losing and since the RR team got "that little horn," they've been winning. David goes into the RR luggage compartment and steals the cow skull. He hides it in the shower on his own bus. Don't they ever shower? Is that really the best place to hide it?

Dan claims to have lost his virginity to his first girlfriend at 21, and he is 22 now. Note that he clarifies, "Like, real intercourse?" A lot of people on the forums pointed out that Dan claimed on his RR season, that he and Tara "did it," but maybe they didn't have intercourse. That's my guess, anyway. But does that mean he got back together with the girlfriend he had before going on Northern Trail? I need a timeline of Dan's romantic past to sort this out. Holly says she admires how much Dan cares about his girlfriend.

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