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Swamp Rats

Then, to add insult to injury, Kat drives right into the hole that stalled out the RR team. The Jeep stalls. David starts yelling at Kat that she has "a standahd caahhh" and reaching over and shifting for her. In an interview, he says he was thinking, "Kat. Kick it up a notch. Shut your mouth, put your foot on the ge-ahhh, start the caaaahhh and move. I don't want to hear you whining." Hey David, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw whiny stones. Kat keeps trying to start the Jeep. David yells at her that she took her foot off the gas and hits the dashboard. Kat protests that she didn't and then tells him it's "so hard not to hit [him] right now." Heather tells us she doesn't believe it. Kat and David finally arrive back. David thinks that some of the animals he picked up should count, but Mike and Annoying tell him that they were disqualified and none of their animals will count. Kat tells us that she doesn't "feel much like chatting right now." David is sitting in the Jeep, and Annoying goes up and tells him that she thinks the problem is that they're all taking it too seriously and no one is having fun. David tells her to "shut the [bleep] up and get the [bleep] out of here." Annoying says she isn't going to talk to him anymore, which is kind of what he asked her to do, isn't it? She clearly doesn't have any brothers either. I learned early on that when my brother lost a Little League game, steer clear of him for a good four hours. Of course, he was eight years old and David is in his twenties. But they act about the same.

The RR team got 15 points and the RW team got 0. Kat tells us that "part of liking yourself and treating yourself well" is not putting up with abuse. Heather tells us that David's military experience has a huge effect on his attitudes about competition because he's "always thinking 'kill, kill, kill'" and they just have to beat them. Yes tells us his team is feeding off the RW team's ill will.

The score is now RR 40, RW 0. The last race will have three heats. The RW team has to win all three heats to have a chance. The first heat is a blindfolded race, where the driver has a blindfold on and the passenger gives directions. The RW team chooses David and Kat, because they are getting along so well. David tells us he's going to step on the gas and follow Kat's directions and "pray to God we win." Holly and Yes step up for the RR team, with Yes driving and Holly navigating. As the beginning flag waves, David stalls the Jeep and Yes gets a big head start. David never does quite make up the difference, despite Heather's cheering. The RR team celebrates their win. David says he had the gas on all the way and "it wouldn't even move." Teck tells us there needs to be a change in his team's morale because no one wants to go home "empty-handed or broke."

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