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Swamp Rats

The first heat involves keeping an inflatable alligator in your Jeep, and then relaying the alligator to another Jeep. As Dan explains, "It's like a relay race and the alligator is the baton." David tells his team that they have to be the ones to switch the alligator around. Yes tells someone to "floor it the whole time." The first leg is David vs. Dan, and they take off to the strains of Primus. This is the first time in a long time that I have actually recognized a song they played, because I'm old. The first leg is very close, but it all falls apart on the alligator relay. The RR team does a great job, and the RW team sucks. Los takes off for the RR team, but Teck is unable to get the alligator out of the RW jeep and into Annoying's Jeep. Then Annoying can't get her Jeep started. David says it's not cool to have people on your team who don't know how to drive stick and "things are not off to a good staaaaht."

Finally, Annoying gets going and the relay continues. At this point, the RW team is so far behind it really doesn't matter. David tells us that Annoying and Heather "don't know how to work the gears" while the RR team is "whizzing around the track." The RR team wins handily, and Yes tells us that "the key to winning is definitely teamwork, and we got it baby." You know Yes, instant karma's gonna get you. I get the feeling that Yes will get his comeuppance before the end of the season, since they show him gloating all the time. The score is RR 25, RW 0. Dan reminds his team that it was only one part. Yes gets all fired up about how great their co-operation was, and Dan reminds him again that they still have to win the rest of the parts. Over on the RW side, David points out that they lost it on the second leg of the relay (i.e. Annoying's leg), and Kat tries to get him to shut up, but then David finishes by saying they need to put it behind them. Heather tells everyone to hit her ass for luck. Everyone does. That was kind of strange.

The next event is called "Swamp Fishing." Each team picks two people -- a driver and a fisher. The fisher has a net, and tries to scoop up as many rubber duckies and frogs as possible. The team with the most animals wins. Team members cannot get out of the Jeep and the Jeep cannot go backwards. Another rule that they don't mention, but that is on the official website (and will be important later on), is that the team can only go around the track one time. David tells his team it's time to perform.

As Van Halen's "Ain't Talking 'Bout Love" starts up, David and Kat go up against Yes and Holly. Hey, that's two songs I knew in one episode! The announcer says that the RW team could really do some catching up here. Heather gets all fired up when it looks like her team is doing well. The RR Jeep gets stuck in the swamp somehow, and Holly tells us that they "did something to the transmission" so they have to be towed. The RW team now has all the time in the world to fish out the animals. Suddenly, Kat turns around and starts driving the wrong way, back from whence they came. Heather starts yelling. The RR team yells that they are breaking the rules. So does Annoying. Dude, they're your own team! Why are you ratting them out? The announcer says that they broke a rule. I think what happened here is that they thought they were circumventing the rules because they didn't stop or go in reverse, but the broke the rule about only going through the course once.

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