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Previously on Challenge 2000: The Road Rules team won three missions in a row. David said, "Let's get paid. Let's stop losing. I don't want to lose anymore."

David is sitting in the baggage compartment of the bus. You'd think it would smell like exhaust in there. Maybe he inhaled a lot of carbon monoxide. At least that would explain his actions for the rest of the episode. He calls Kat over and tells her to "smell this." Obviously, Kat doesn't have any brothers, because if she did, she'd know that when a man calls you over to smell something, it's never going to turn out well. I guess David meant his cologne or something, because Kat smells his wrist. David tells us that he has known Kat for a year and a half, and that they were friends before going on the Challenge. Kat tries on David's cowboy hat and says they have a "solid friendship." David says he wouldn't mess up their friendship. Okay, so clearly they are going to get in a fight tonight.

Dan says that "Dave's a cool guy" and that David will talk about "beating up guys in his old neighborhood" and then switch gears and talk about how "some priest touched his soul the other night" and "everything about him is so intense." I got a little nervous with the sentence that started out "some priest touched his..." so I'm glad that ended well. David is sitting by the pool talking to Piggy, Veronica and Holly, and looking at a bridal magazine. Piggy says that David is cool because "he can hang with the guys but he can also connect with the chicks on many levels." David says his thick Boston accent makes people think he is stupid or a street thug. How long has it been since he lived in Boston, though? You'd think his accent would be a little less thick at this point. Veronica asks David if he knows what kind of tux he wants to wear when he gets married, and David says he does, and that he also wants an outdoor wedding in "early fall time in New England." David dives in the pool and then, apropos of nothing, tells Holly that she should marry Dan because they are "AA -- All American," and that they would have "the black Lab, the house." Piggy agrees. Holly just laughs. David tells us in an interview that Dan and Holly are like "sport Billy and sport Lily." Again, the whole Dan/Holly thing kind of came out of nowhere, didn't it?

Holly tells us that she and Dan have really connected while on their daily runs, and we see them preparing to go on a run, and then returning from one. Holly says she thinks they were meant to meet, since they have "the same sense of humor, the same taste in..." and fade to Dan saying, "music, same sense of humor." Wow, they are soulmates, since they said the same thing. Bunim Murray has convinced me. We see Holly on a pay phone telling her mom that Dan is "the sweetest boy [she's] ever met." Mike tells us that if anyone is going to hook up on this trip, it'll be Dan and Holly. Yes asks Dan if he has a girlfriend back home and Dan says he does, and that they have been going out for a year and a half. Dan tells us he is "nervous about his relationship with Holly," and he hopes it works out. The producers must have been really desperate for someone to hook up if this is the best they could do. As far as we know, these two haven't even kissed, and Dan seems to want to be faithful to his girlfriend. How boring!

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