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Mark announces that Emily and Timmy are the winners. In an interview, Timmy says that the whitewater rafting trip is the one prize that made the whole thing worthwhile. In an interview, Emily says that they have won two in a row, which has lifted their confidence. Mark says that it's time to go check out the scores. Timmy starts yelling that he wants Kurt Angle. Sadly, I actually thought to myself, "Oh, because Timmy's from Pittsburgh, and so is Kurt Angle, and...clearly I have devoted way too much brain power to stupid television shows."

We get a nice clear shot of the scoreboard for the first time in a while. On the RW side, Sean and Elka have 186, Mike and Coral have 174, and Danny and Kelley have 172. On the RR side, Theo and Hollywick have 194, Dan and Tara have 176, and Emily and Timmy have 168. Mark congratulates Timmy and Emily again on winning the mission, and then reads off the scores. Apparently, Theo and Hollywick will be representing RR as the Ultimate team, and the other two teams will be involved somehow. Eric announces that Sean and Elka will be the Ultimate Team and that the other two teams will be supporting. I still have no idea what that means, but I supposed that we'll find out next week. In an interview, Coral says that, tomorrow, they find out who the real champions are. Mark tells them all to go to sleep, and says they'll get a text message with more details later. Everyone cheers.

Next week, in the finale: there is kayaking. Elka yells while standing in a boat. Someone paddles a surfboard. So, clearly, I have no idea, but I think it takes place in water.

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