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Mike and Theo talk about the mission. Mike realizes that he's been sacrificing having fun in trying to win. Theo says that he and Mike were having a good time, and that there should be no hard feelings. Theo says that if they didn't have someone "riding shotgun," it would have been a lot more fun. Mike asks where Hollywick is, and Theo says that she got a call from Chadwick. Cut to Hollywick, looking teary.

Hollywick bitches to Theo that the mission is supposed to be fun and silly, but that when Mike is in the ring, it's none of those things. Theo tells Hollywick what Mike just said, about how winning is not the most important thing. Theo says that Mike was very apologetic. So why doesn't Mike walk over and apologize to Hollywick? I'm not saying that Mike did it on purpose; he didn't. But it wouldn't hurt to apologize anyway. Theo says that he can't make Hollywick go back in the ring. In an interview, Theo says that he wants to go back in and finish what was started, but he's going to let Hollywick make the decision.

Mike and Coral walk back into the ring to restart their match. Mark announces Mike as "The Miz" and Coral as "Cocoa Loco." Theo is known as "Widespread Panic" and Hollywick is "Sister Disco." They cut in some footage of Hollywick just standing there so that you think maybe she's refusing to get in the ring. Hollywick gets in the ring. In an interview, Hollywick says that Mike realized that he was out of control and apologized to her. He did? Why didn't we see that? Eric announces the rules, and Mike pulls down his pants and asks if mooning is okay. Everyone ignores him, so he keeps yelling out, "Is mooning okay? Is mooning okay, Eric?" Yes, Mike, we see your big white ass. Now put it away. Then Mike makes his ass talk to Theo and it's so embarrassing to watch that I have to cover my eyes. Timmy pops into the ring and slaps Mike's ass. Someone stupidly gives Mike a microphone, and he starts doing a monologue as The Miz. It's dumb. It's not funny. People laugh, but I think it's more because they can't believe what an idiot he is. In an interview, Danny says that when The Miz came out, Hollywick started laughing. Mike does the thing from the opening credits where he goes, "Are you rrrrrrready?" Everyone cheers because Mike will finally shut up. In an interview, Hollywick says that everyone was laughing, and you knew that the match was going to be crazy (like silly) instead of crazy (like psychotic).

Eric tells Theo that if he wants to punch, kick, scratch, or bite Mike, he can. I'm all for that. The bell rings. Mark just lists wrestling moves that are written on his clipboard and have nothing to do with the action in the ring. Mark is sitting, like, fifty feet away from the ring, which might explain why he's having such a hard time doing the announcing. Coral pretends to be swimming in the soapsuds. Things are locked up. In an interview, Coral says that they've been wrestling for too long and everyone is tired. Coral asks Mike if he wants to call it a draw, and Mike says he doesn't care. Hollywick is all for calling it a draw. Mike and Theo decide that the women should decide. Hollywick and Coral decide that it will be a draw, and they shake hands. In an interview, Mike says that he doesn't mind it being a draw, because his team is out of the running for first place.

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