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Previously on the Challenge: Theo guessed that "The Miz" stood for...and then he couldn't think of how to finish off the joke, because he's just not very clever. Luckily, Timmy stepped in and added, "mizzed by that much? Miz-informed? Miz-demeanor?" Okay, it's not hilarious, but he came through under pressure. In an interview, Mike explains that The Miz is his professional-wrestling character. You know, I would probably find The Miz a lot more entertaining if he weren't exactly like The Rock. If you're going to have an alter ego, it could at least be original.

The Miz trash-talks Theo, Timmy, and Dan, who just laugh at him. He calls them "ninnies." Wow, that's intimidating. He's carrying what is supposed to be a wrestling belt, but in reality just looks like something Coral had packed in the back of her suitcase. Or possibly Elka. In an interview, Theo says that The Miz thinks that he's big and bad with his "Miz burr burr." I have no idea. The Miz asks Theo why he's laughing and if he's getting scared. Another thing about The Miz -- if Mike were completely joking and doing it to make people laugh, that would be one thing. But I get the feeling that he's mostly serious about this, which is just sad. In an interview, Mike says that Tim and Theo like to make fun of The Miz. Tim pretends to hold a phone to each ear and says, "I've got two phone calls here. Roy Rogers wants his belt back, and Ross Perot wants his accent, and the word 'ninny' back." Heh. I would like to hang out with Timmy. The Miz has no comeback, which would have been a perfect opportunity for Timmy to use my favorite burn, "Good comeback." In an interview, Timmy says that The Miz is actually just Mike after he drinks his own bath water.

Mark and Eric walk into the lodge and greet everyone. Mark says that they will be handing out uniforms for tonight's mission. Eric forgets what he's supposed to say, so he repeats the thing about the uniforms, and then asks the teams to come up one at a time for a "kilogram weigh-in." Why did he have to specify kilograms? He seriously has no brain. In an interview, Tara says that they don't know what the mission will be, but they know it will be brutal and cause bruises. The contestants come up and step on the scale. Mike is really pleased with his weight. Mark orders Eric -- his bitch -- to distribute the uniforms. Eric hands out shrink-wrapped packages. Mike tears into his and finds a singlet. In an interview, Mike says that as soon as he saw the outfit, he knew it was wrestling, which is what he's been waiting for.

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