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Scariest Mission of All Time!

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Scariest Mission of All Time!

Okay, what was up with this episode not starting until like three minutes after the hour? I was afraid that my careful taping system was going to get all screwed up. Stupid MTV and their reckless disregard for starting episodes on time.

Previously on the Challenge: Christian was overjoyed to see that Emily would be one of his teammates. He tells us that he will "always be very attached to Emily," not just because they were on the same season of Road Rules, but also because they got in a big car accident together (as detailed by Emily in the pre-season special). The Road Rules team won the cheerleading challenge, to Dan's consternation (as evidenced by his big smirky smirk while he applauded their victory) and crept ever closer to closing the gap in winnings.

Have you ever noticed the similarities in the opening credits for this show and the Andy Dick Show? Graphically, they are similar. They both have weird moving pixel things on the left hand side of the screen. I'm just saying.

In an interview, Emily explains that when she went to Europe, she visited Christian, and while coming back from dinner one night, they "intersected with a tractor-trailer." Interesting that when we've heard this story before, Christian's drinking and driving was mentioned, but it's not here. I can't believe B/M would miss out on an opportunity to make a public service announcement. But, Christian is supposed to be the hero of this episode, and maybe they don't want to appear to celebrate someone who was drinking and driving, no matter how remorseful he is today. Emily talks to Susie about the accident while sitting in the back of the bus. She explains that she remembers it being rainy out, and she remembers being pulled out of the car and seeing a woman laid out next to the car. Susie asks if Emily thought she was going to die. Emily replies that she didn't think she would, but she thought that Christian would, and that was the worst. But in the end, everyone was fine, although she was injured the worst. Christian sits in another part of the bus and thinks real hard. We're supposed to think that he's contemplating the accident, but maybe he's just thinking about Ayanna. Or nothing at all. In an interview, Christian says that people think he's forgotten about the accident, but he hasn't -- he thinks about it every day. He still has "two metal plates" attached to his jawbone. Ouch! Susie clarifies that Christian was the driver, and Emily confirms it, and then explains that Christian has the most scars, referencing the one on his jaw as proof. We see a profile shot of Christian, and yes, he does have a big scar along his jaw that I never noticed before. Emily thinks that Christian still has a lot of guilt, and Susie says sympathetically, "Of course. Well, who wouldn't?" In an interview, Christian says, "The psychological impact of that accident was a lot more than I could even imagine. It was like trying to remember what you should not do and why you should not take risks." Okay, so that's the theme for this episode. Got it? Christian doesn't want to take risks anymore, because it leads to accidents and scarring of the jaw. I'm not trying to make light of their accident -- I'm making light of the way that B/M uses their accident as an episode theme.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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