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Round 'Em Up

Wow, things really are tightening up. If it weren't for Theo and Hollywick's huge lead, the RR team would be in trouble. If Theo and Hollywick keep shitting the bed, this could get interesting. In an interview, Mike says that he's glad that his team won. No, really?

The next morning, Tara tells Hollywick that Emily got an email from Chadwick. Hollywick smirks and says, "I bet that was pleasant." So she knows that Chadwick is a jerk? Also, why is Tara telling her? I'm guessing that Emily wanted Hollywick to know, but didn't want to start a fight, so she used Tara as an emissary. I have to believe that. Hollywick asks what it said. Tara thinks over how to say it diplomatically, and then says that Chadwick expressed how he felt, and Emily read a bit and decided that she couldn't deal with it. Just when I think Hollywick is going to be a human being, she says, "Some people amaze me with their amount of denial." In an interview, Hollywick says that Chadwick sent the email because he didn't want to confront Emily while he was there. But he did! He did confront her. Hollywick also thinks that her husband thought it would be easier on her not to make a big blowup out of it. Why did he have to confront Emily at all? Hollywick says that Emily lied to everyone about the alliance, and Hollywick wants Emily to apologize for hurting Hollywick in an effort to save herself. Why should Emily apologize for playing the game? She was playing the game. Hollywick tells Tara that Emily has a gift for convincing herself of things that are completely untrue. Tara says that she was just thinking the same thing. Some people on the forums suggested that Tara was busting on Hollywick here, but I got the sense that she was agreeing with her. Which I don't get.

In an interview, Tara says that the whole thing has thrown Hollywick for a loop. Hollywick calls Chadwick on the phone and complains that she can't call him because her phone doesn't call. Tara voice-overs that they have to work as a team. Hollywick baby-talks into the phone that she hates being there without Chadwick. So that's it for that drama? How lame.

Next week: the contestants have to complete a puzzle with cars, but Mike and Coral don't know how to drive standard. Bitches.

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