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Round 'Em Up

Mike and Tara sit out on the wall and talk. Hey, this is the same night that they had their big conversation about their "relationship"! I'm so confused about the timing of this episode. I'm guessing that Mike and Tara's relationship went on longer than we were actually shown, but they compressed it all into one episode for the storyline's sake. Tara tells Mike about the Chadwick email. Mike can't believe it. Tara reminds him of the drama that happened, and says that Chadwick blames Emily. Mike is shocked. This leads me to believe that Tara is on Emily's side here, but it gets a little confusing later on. In an interview, Tara says that none of them is used to people being brutal, but that Chadwick is obviously very angry.

A bunch of the contestants sit around and chat. Tara makes the mistake of asking Hollywick how she and Chadwick met. Hollywick starts blathering on and on about how they knew instantly that they were meant to be together. You never ask someone like that about their relationship, because it will never end. I have a friend who's a little like that; you say, "How's work going?" and she'll reply, "Work sucks, but things are going great with my boyfriend!" Ugh. ["Look, if I'm that boring, Kim, you can just tell me to my face." -- Wing Chun] In an interview, Hollywick says that getting married was a huge change in her life, and that now she wants to be a part of people around her. By talking about herself non-stop. The editors are really tearing Hollywick up with the editing this week. Hee! I love it. Coral listens to Hollywick talking about her relationship, and pretends to fall asleep; then Coral imitates the way Hollywick is jabbering on. Hollywick stops and says, "I saw that." Busted! Everyone laughs. In an interview, Hollywick says that she is a work in progress, and that eventually, she'll be close to perfect. I can't believe Hollywick didn't get mad that Coral was making fun of her. I get the feeling that Hollywick is often the butt of the jokes, especially now that Chadwick isn't around to defend her honor.

Timmy voice-overs that their team has hit some potholes, and he hopes that they can pull together and win. The contestants gather to see the updated standings. Mark congratulates everyone. The current cumulative scores are as follows:

Theo and Holly: 108
Emily and Timmy: 93
Dan and Tara: 87

Sean and Elka: 94
Danny and Kelley: 89
Mike and Coral: 87

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