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Round 'Em Up

Elka and Sean get their photo taken holding their fake checks to Urban Outfitters. Someone voice-overs that after the competition, they went into Cabo and went to an internet café. Emily voice-overs that it was a nice time to feel normal and catch up with family and friends. How hilarious would it be if one of them were reading TWoP? Maybe it's just me. Hollywick voice-overs that Chadwick is her best friend, and that they haven't spent much time apart. In my opinion, they can't boast about the strength of their relationship until they've spent at least a little time apart. It's easy to have a strong bond with someone with whom you spend all your time. It's called emotional dependency.

Emily voice-overs that she was reading her email, and saw that she got one from Chadwick. It started off "pretty nasty," blaming Emily for the fact that he was not with his wife, and charging that because of Emily's lies, Chadwick was sent home. No, it was because he was an overbearing prick. In an interview, Emily says, "Let it go, man. Let it go. You got kicked off. It is part of the game." Emily adds that it's also a setup for Emily and Hollywick never to speak again. Do you think maybe little Chadwick is jealous that his wife is having a good time without him? He strikes me as the type who wants his wife to rely on him for everything, and it's probably killing him that Hollywick might be enjoying herself when he's not around, so he has to stir up trouble. Then again, he could have sent the email the day he got home; for all we know, this has been their first opportunity to check their email ever. He still sucks, though.

Elka is on the phone with someone. She explains that Hollywick and Theo have been winning everything, and that they came in last place today. Elka gives an evil little laugh. Go, Elka.

The contestants pile back into the vans to return to their villas. Emily voice-overs that Timmy also received an email from Chadwick, although it wasn't as nasty as Emily's. Emily and Timmy discuss the issue in whispers so that the others don't overhear. Timmy says that he didn't read the whole thing, but that he read enough to laugh. Emily asks whether Timmy said anything to anyone. Timmy didn't. In an interview, Emily says that she doesn't want enemies, but that she really believes that the Wicks think she is the devil.

That night, Emily tells Elka about Chadwick's email. Elka appears to know about it already. Emily says that Chadwick ranted on and on for two pages, and that Timmy got a similar email, but that his was more positive. Why would Chadwick even bother? What was he hoping to accomplish? As a Christian, isn't he supposed to turn the other cheek? That phrase always inspires me to sing a few verses of "Coward of the County." Emily says that she's really upset with herself. Elka doesn't understand why, until Emily says that she deleted the email. Oh, big mistake. Although as someone who receives her fair share of hateful email, I can understand the impulse. I generally delete it right away, or else I might respond and start some sort of stupid flame war that is never, never worth it. Now I only save them if they are unintentionally hilarious. In an interview, Emily says that Chadwick is home and bitter, and that he needs someone to hate, because it makes losing feel a little bit better for a while.

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