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Round 'Em Up

Dan and Tara take their turn. Dan says that he was frustrated because his horse wouldn't move as directed. The cow goes into the pen and they get a time of thirty-nine seconds. In an interview, Dan says that they have a decent time, but that it could have been a lot better. I'm surprised Tara isn't blaming her lack of upper-body strength for this one. Dan tells his horse that he talked nice to the horse all day, and then the horse took a shit. Not literally, though.

But speaking of literally taking a shit, Mike's horse lifts his tail and drops a load. Hee! I didn't really need to see the poop coming out, though. Coral makes sure that Mike's horse is finished, and then gives the signal that they are ready to start. The whistle blows, and Mike and Coral take off. Coral does really well for a city slicker. Their first pass doesn't go well, and they both start swearing up a storm. In an interview, Coral says that she hopes her horse understands profanity, because that's all she was saying. There are so many bleeps on screen that suddenly I think I'm watching The Osbournes. I wish. But I wouldn't want to recap it. God bless Stee. The other contestants laugh heartily. Mike and Coral finally manage to get a cow in the pen for a time of 1:09. In an interview, Mike says that it's harder than it looks.

Sean and Elka are up next. In an interview, Sean explains that they have to beat Timmy and Emily's time of twenty-five seconds. I'm surprised they didn't mention that both Emily and Elka are from the Midwest, and that Elka especially probably has a lot of experience riding horses. Elka gives the signal, and the whistle blows. As a mouth harp plays on the soundtrack, Sean and Elka kind of blunder into getting a cow in the pen. They end up with a time of fifteen seconds. Sean and Elka take a victory lap and toss their cowboy hats into the crowd. In an interview, Timmy jokes that one of the cows must have been remote-controlled, but then says seriously that Sean and Elka stepped up and beat them. Sean says that they crushed the previous time by half, and that it will be impossible to beat. Famous last words. Elka says that it feels so good to win, but it doesn't come off as cocky, probably because she's not a big jerk.

Kelley and Danny are the final team to compete. Kelley does a last-minute strategy check, and then they give the signal and the whistle blows. Danny voice-overs that he's only ridden a horse once in his life, so he doesn't know what he's doing, but he's sure that it will be complete comedy. Somehow, Danny and Kelley get a cow into the pen very quickly, and they end up with a time of sixteen seconds, only losing to Sean and Elka by one second. In an interview, Danny says, "The cowboy just came out of me. I don't know where it came from." Danny concludes that even though they just lost, he still feels good.

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