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Round 'Em Up

Theo and Hollywick are up first. I would hate to go first. At least the other teams get to watch and try to formulate a strategy based on what works for the others. Then again, I hate Theo and Hollywick, so I don't care. Mike voice-overs that Theo doesn't know how to ride a horse, and has never ridden a horse before. Theo comments that he wishes he were riding a snowboard. The other contestants chuckle in anticipation. In an interview, Mike says that he thinks Theo and Hollywick won't be winning this one. He says it with such a flat expression that I assumed that Theo and Hollywick kicked ass and won. Oh, how wrong I was. Oh, they tied a Chili's bandanna around that poor cow's neck. How sad.

Theo asks Hollywick what their strategy should be. They discuss which way they are going to ride. Theo seems confused, as usual, and then comments that this is going to be hard. Hollywick raises her hand to indicate that she and Theo are ready. Mark tells them to wait for the whistle. The whistle blows, and they slowly ride into the ring, toward the herd of cows. I guess their plan was to avoid spooking the cows, but it doesn't work, and the cows just take off running in every direction. Theo has little control over his horse, so he's really no help. Everyone laughs at the chaos. They manage to single out one cow and move it toward the pen, but it veers off at the last moment. Mike voice-overs that he and Coral were able to formulate a strategy by watching Theo and Hollywick fail miserably. Theo comments that it was like "Armageddon on horseback." I don't know if he's referring to the movie or the biblical end of times, but either way, shut up, Theo. Hollywick finally manages to herd three slow-moving cows into the pen. Their final time is 1:57. In an interview, Hollywick says that they did it in under two minutes, which she thinks is "pretty darn good." Theo, on the other hand, is pissed because they did so poorly, and wouldn't be surprised if they came in last place. It's about time.

Timmy and Emily are up next. Timmy voice-overs that he thinks "there's going to be a new sheriff in town." Emily rides quickly behind the herd and yells at them to move it. Timmy just sits on his horse and keeps saying, "Hold up, hold up now." I don't know why he keeps saying that. It's kind of bugging me. Emily finally gives Timmy the go-ahead, and he directs a cow into the pen, thanks to Emily's push from behind. Everyone applauds, and Theo and Hollywick look worried. Timmy and Emily's final time is twenty-five seconds. Kelley comments that it's going to be really hard to beat that.

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