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Round 'Em Up

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Round 'Em Up

Eric welcomes the teams to the ranch, and tells them that for the next two hours, they will be training for the mission. There's an ostrich right over Eric's shoulder and I keep fantasizing that it will turn mean and vicious and peck Eric right on the head. The mission is called "Round 'Em Up" or "Team Penning." The crack editors must have inserted a sound effect of a horse neighing, because I refuse to believe that a horse would neigh on cue like that.

The contestants put on cowboy hats. Coral makes sure that hers fits. As a fellow big-headed gal, I can appreciate the trouble that she has. In an interview, Sean explains that in this competition, each two-person team must separate out one cow and herd it into a pen. The team with the shortest time wins the competition. Sean gets on a horse and says that his horse "just wants to run." Away from you, Sean. I've heard the same thing about Rachel. Sean's horse takes off, and everyone laughs at him. Coral says that her horse is having a bad day, and she demonstrates that when she clucks to get him going, he just stands there and tosses his head. Coral claims that her horse isn't feeling her, and that she wants another one. Sometimes Coral sounds like Jackee.

Various contestants ride around on their horses. Timmy says that he doesn't have a horse yet, and that it's "kind of like Sadie Hawkins Day and no one picked me." Theo tells the ranch hand that he wants "one with a flat, like one that may have something wrong with it." I really hate Theo. Timmy voice-overs that Theo is worried about the mission. Theo asks how to get off his horse. Um, stop it and climb off? What does he think, that he should do a diving tuck and roll while the horse is moving? Theo looks very uncomfortable in the saddle. At least Stephen's not there, because then we would have to hear about his nuts being squished. Theo says that he and his horse are not friends. Gah. And that's all the training they get.

Mark and Eric welcome the contestants to the competition. Mark says that the top prize today is a $2000 shopping spree at Urban Outfitters. I would rather take the $2000 and go to the Salvation Army, because that's basically what Urban Outfitters' merchandise is, just mass-produced. Mark reads the rules. The competition will start when both team members get their horses to the starting line. They have fifteen minutes to bring one of the cows into the pen. I love how, in the earlier episodes, Mark and Eric shared in the hosting duties. But Eric sucked so much, because he can't read, that now they let Mark read off the rules, and then Eric just stands there and inserts some inane comment or gesture. This week, he speaks with a really bad Texas drawl (I think). He actually has a piece of straw in his mouth and hitches up his pants. Ugh.

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