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Round 'Em Up

Emily and Hollywick talk about their history of dance lessons. Hollywick says that Chadwick took swing dance lessons without telling her, as a surprise. And then she says that he would come in wearing boxers, and I don't know what that had to do with swing dancing and I don't want to know. Emily looks confused, too. In an interview, Hollywick says that she's not angry with Emily about the alliance drama. We flash back to Chadwick confronting Emily about the alliance issue. In an interview, Hollywick says that she's forgiven Emily and asks for God's blessing on her that she would find another way to cope with things, because "if you go through your life lying to yourself, eventually it catches up with you." I still don't get that Emily lied about the whole alliance thing. Didn't Chadwick basically admit that there was an alliance, when he said that they could kiss his ass and that the alliance was off? I'm still not convinced that Emily was totally lying. I think she may have misinterpreted what was going on. Emily tells Hollywick that she took a Modern Dance class in college, and demonstrates some moves. The funny thing is that Emily seems to have moved on, and Hollywick is still hung up on the issue.

The Nokia goes off, and Timmy voice-overs that they got a message that they should wear jeans for the next mission, so they knew that they would be riding something. Timmy adds, "We didn't know what -- a bull, a turtle. Lord knows. We're in Cabo, for heaven's sake." I love Timmy. Hollywick laces up her boots.

The teams head out to vans to go to their missions. Sean voice-overs that the Real World team needs to get competitive, because that's how they will win. Wow, Sean is like a master strategist. Who knew that you had to be competitive to win? The RW team discusses how they have to start winning prizes. Sean points out that their team has only won a guitar and $20,000. Stephen won the guitar, and he's not even there anymore. And Danny and Kelley won a $20,000 shopping spree, which is a lot different than winning cash. Theo gives the RR team a pep talk, and everyone just laughs at him. Kelley says that someone on their team needs to start winning, because the RR team has won too much stuff.

In the vans on the way to the competition, the two teams talk trash about each other. Theo says that they've got more luck than a casino. But casinos don't have that much luck. Believe me. In an interview, Elka says that since the elimination process ended, a "weight has been lifted off [her] shoulders." I really wish she would stop referring to it as the elimination process, because that conjures up mental images that I don't need. The teams arrive at ranch of some sort, with roosters and chickens and ostriches. One of the RR ladies points out the ostrich, and Theo claims that he was attacked by an ostrich one time. Sure you were, Theo. Or you saw it on Animal Planet. Timmy and Theo agree that ostriches are mean and violent. The members of the RW team get out of their van, and Sean grins scarily in the window right by Hollywick's head. Theo says that it "smells like second place out there." Again, shut up, Theo. Tara laughs politely, but I get the feeling that the others are really sick of Theo's stupid comments. Timmy adds that the other team members are "all tied for no chance in hell." Hee! See, now that's funny! And everyone laughs for real.

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